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77013: Minotaur


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I've finished my fifth Bones mini, yay me! I'm not sure how solid my color choices are on this one, but I really wanted to test a couple new triads (Dark Skin and Red Hair). ::):


The eyes I ended up experimenting with a bit; the look I was going for was 'enraged and psychotic' (you know, the stare you might get from an otherwise loving spouse upon the unpacking of your Reaper Bones Kickstarter reward). Does it look decent? Too... pink? C&C would be very welcome on this guy!





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I wouldn't have thought to use the Dark Skin triad on a mino, but dang, works great! Not looking too pink there, looks rather convincingly bull-ish.


And Slendertroll's right, the itty-bitty pupils really sell the whole "You spent how much on little..plastic...toys?!?" look that we're all so used to from our spouses and/or significant others.

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