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I have been a Doctor Who fan for a while, starting as a kid with Tom Baker on PBS, and I recently began watching more of the Classic Who than I had ever seen - until about two months ago, in fact, I had never seen a single Hartnell or Torughton era show. But now that I'm going back and watching everything - and I do mean everything - I thought I'd make myself useful and make sure the whole world knew my thoughts on each Serial I watched.


I've been going for 10 Episodes now, Beginning at Serial ONE (Back in the Hartnell Era), and I'm having a good time with it.


If you care to follow along, I hope to post a Serial a day for a while, and then slow to 2-3 Serials a week during busy times.


anyway, without further ado - My Blog - the Weak Unclear Force!


Bonus points* to people who tell me they appreciate the title.


*Points void where prohibited.

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Just thought I'd pop in and say that I'm leaving for my Honeymoon in Cardiff tomorrow. If you don't know, Cardiff is where Dr. Who is filmed and they're filming the 50th anniversary episode while I'l

Red Dwarf is awesome, and a part of me demands a crossover be made. A different part of me fears that such a crossover would cause more insanity then C'thulu showing up wading up the Thames

I find the Heresy minis Dr who to be better and he does free shipping from England all the time.   As for the Tardis, if you want a 32mm one, I got two of these from Demo's Laser Cut designs for a d

I had assumed it was a play on Weak Nuclear Force, but you know what they say about assumptions.



Oooh, a particle physics reference! Sometimes indistinguishable from Seuss references, what with all the quarks and leptons.

Ding! Ding!


Both of you are correct. For some reason, the typo version of that phrase amuses me.

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I must confess to not having watched as much Classic Who as I really ought. This is quite an ambitious project you're starting, and I'll definitely follow along!


I'm also curious if you've watched any of New Who (Eccleston through Smith) and what you think of it?

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I have! I adored Eccleston. I loved him so much, in fact, that I refused to accept Tennant for a year, and only after he got a second season did I go back and watch his first. I just didn't want the new doctoring to become an annual thing. Once I gave him a chance, I loved Tennant, too. I like Smith more than my youngest son does, but that's because Smith is so very Troughton.


Honestly - I'm one season behind on Smith. The current season, which I'm told is incredible, I have yet to sit down and watch.


But I cried when Sarah Jane came back for Tennant, and I cried when Rose left and I love Smith forever for A Good Man Goes to War.


In doing this blog, I've seen a lot of other Who blogs, and there's two kinds. NewWho, and ClassicWho and the two of them hate each other. I'm neither of those. I like BOTH


I intend to follow this through to current, I should be caught up in a little over a year, so I expect to be doing reviews of "year 51" stuff while it's still fresh from the airwaves.

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The Weak Unclear force! Hah!


I have a brother in law who is a gravitational physicist. That's very funny.


I've been a fan of Doctor Who for the same length of time I've been roleplaying, so about thirty years, more or less. I knew about it earlier (English grandmother, Dalek oriented gifts), but didn't get into it until I was a teen. It was just beginning Peter Davison when I started. I had some early snobbery against Tom Baker because he was all my fellow Americans seemed to know or care about. But I got over it.


I love Old Who and I love New Who. There are some stories I don't much care for, I prefer some Doctors over others, and I have strong opinions for and against some companions. But basically I love it all.


This morning in the post I received my not-the-Doctors-nor-their-associates minis from Heresy Miniatures in the UK. Just in time for the new episodes. ::):

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I want those Hasslefree minis, but shipping from them to the states is a bit of a bugbear.


What I need is a TARDIS so I can recover the lost episodes.


yes, that's right. If I had a TARDIS I'd use it to go recover the missing episodes of Doctor Who. Not to save lives or prevent wars or educate my kids. I'ds watch TV.

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Great stuff. Cool thread. Can't wait until Saturday night for the new/current season. SWMBO will be out of town, so it will be me the Dr., Oswin (I think Jenna Louise Coleman is my new favorite companion :wub::wub: ), my workbench and a big bowl of popcorn! For the record, I have been watching Dr. Who since Jon Pertwee.

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I never did get into the classic Dr. Who. My brother loved it, but I found it a tad dull. Then came newWho, and a friend of my brothers and mine (also our regular DM) forced me to watch the first episode followed by The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and I was hooked. Since then I have found myself forced to go back, and research (that's the right word for it, right?) the older stuff while trying to keep abreast of the current, and I think I need a TARDIS just in order to keep it all sorted out.

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Pssh. All you silly Whovians. Everyone who's cool knows Red Dwarf is where it's at.


Ok, ok. So I like the Doctor(s). Not as much as my wife, though, she's still creeped out by Daleks (and their voices) and giggles hysterically anytime a Dr. Who episode or trailer comes on.


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    • By Citrine
      This is the last mini finished in December 2020, mini number 79 of the year.  I hit 97 mini if I count large minis as 2 each.  Not too shabby, my goal was to finish 50.
      So this mini is the Female Halfling II from the Julie Guthrie series 2 from Grenadier (SKU 8145).  She is the smallest mini I have painted in a long time, so I am super happy with her face.

    • By Dan d'Lyon
      Well, looks like Hasbro is doing their own version of a kickstarter for a new release of one of the all-time classics.  I don't know if their site for the crowdfunding would be considered as a commercial site, but I'm sure it will be easy enough to find.  I'm in!
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      So I dug an old mini out of the bottom of my box of forgotten lead - the 1989 Firbolg by Ral Partha. This classic figure deserved better than being lost for  a generation so I decided to paint it up and take a few photos on the way. 

      It was in fine shape except for the broken / missing handle and pommel for the sword, so I started with a repair job - pin it to win it. 


      A quick test of my sculpting skills, I used milliput to add a new handle over the pin.  I gave the whole model a new prime with vallejo surface primer through my airbrush. Overall, not too bad and one quick mold line removal later and a touch up prime and it was ready for some color. 

      Time for getting some basic color on the model. I started with reaper golden shadow for the skin. It's a nice warm base to paint over, so I was pretty hopeful that it would provide the right base for the reaper warrior flesh  I planned on using later.  

      Next up. some shadow. I used vallejo model air burnt umber for the shadows and for a first coat of the leather bits.


    • By Citrine
      This is the Chasme from the AD&D Planescape line from Ral Partha (SKU 11-649).  Painted with the new mermaid scale paint from the pre-order Brinewind set.  Painted over Coal Black it makes great shiny insect carapace, and over white, awesome looking insect wings.  I also had fun making a lava river for this creepy demon critter.

    • By Doublesix66
      Getting all, I have just been painting up a couple of teams for my friends to play blood bowl again, I haven't played for years since I was in the Waterbowl league, it was fun to paint up some fantasy again been doing a lot of sci-fi-fi and Modern military recently so it was a welcome change and has spurred me on to dig out the box with all my unpainted teams in it and get one done each month.
      This was the progress of the Wood Elf team which are called the 'Bare Arsed Chiefs'

      Nearly finished just needs the bases/numbering doing 

       The other team team I was doing at the same time was a norse one same stage just needs the bases/numbering doing 

      Been fun as I said I'll get some pictures of my other teams done which are Skaven, Undead (with werewolves), halfings, Vampire Counts, Amazon
      Raided my bits box to add some Team Score, turn & re-roll markers

      Just deciding which team to do next .. any requests
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