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ReaperCon 2013 Warlord Tournament


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I *always* carry at least 2 extra full 1K lists with me to ReaperCon, mostly for pickup games. I'd be glad to loan an army to someone if they need it. For fully a fully painted list, I have Crusaders, Elves, Reptus, Razig, Necros, Tembrithil, and BSGs. Some of those are more limited (Razig, Tembrithil, and BSGs) than others (Reptus, by a mile). Pretty much every other faction I have a smattering of painted stuff, but usually enough assembled figures to field a full list.


I'm happy to try to accommodate requests if I can; otherwise I'll just pack a couple of extra lists that I know play well under generic circumstances. ::):



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So, Shak, what you are saying is that you travel with the entire Reaper Warlord line everywhere you go for company? Tee hee hee... :devil:




That's ok. When I travel with my Warlord stuff, I bring all of my stuff too. I only have 2 factions completely painted, though. I could probably easily field at least 2 different Dwarf armies (possibly 3) along with Darkspawn, Razig and Crusaders. I am kind of OCD regarding my Darkspawn; I wouldn't probably loan them out to too many people, if at all. But the others would be fair game. :poke:


I am still trying to work out whether or not I can attend. The situation has changed some for me at home, and so it made the trip go from a guarantee to a weak maybe. :down: I want to play Warlord. **sniff sniff** I want to see what happens when a dwarf gets shot out of a cannon. :devil:

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Here's the tournament list for my Razig. Be afraid:


Troop 1
Mister Blood
Bone Marine x 6
Skeletal Harpooner x 2
Treasure Map
Luck Stone


Troop 2
Black Knife Tom
Bone Marine x 3
Skeletal Harpooner x 3
Rat Swarm x 5


Troop 3
Crows Nest Willy
Bone Marine x 6


Troop 4
Rat Swarm x 6


1000 Points


I thought it only fair to give you guys ample warning.

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Yea, sure, I finally won the Warlord Tournament on my 6th try and I am the Warlord before whom all my minions must bow. But as I told Vince, there will always be an asterisk by my name for 2013 in the Warlord Book of Victories because he did not participate this year.


For anyone who is interested, here are my scores:


Game 1 vs. Bloodstone Gnomes W 11 - 9

Game 2 vs. Elves W 14 - 6

Game 3 vs. Dwarves W 17 - 3


The spoils of my victory was a $75 gift certificate with which I purchased an Army Painter Precision Plastic Cutter; an Army Painter Miniature and Model Drill; ReaperCon 2013 Sophies x 2; and a Munchkin Cthulhu game.


Thanks to everyone for a great time, especially Jason.


See you guys next year.

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It sounds like Jason did a great tournament again. I would have loved to play but I had a class in the middle of he day. Normally you can still make this work but, with the tournament being over at the hotel, it was just not possible.


I can't wait for next year.

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I will be the first to say that when they told me that we were going to be over at the hotel, I was disapointed for sure. And I do think overall the hotel set up could have been better handled, but that is for another thread. Having said that.. I can fully admit there were several positives about being at the hotel rather than RHQ for the tourney as well. We had plenty of space. No worries about people constantly having to squeeze past us. We were not directly under the air conditioning vent that freezes us each year. The chairs the hotel provided to us were extremely comfortable. And we were not constantly being interrupted by announcements and whatnot.


Now we just need to fill the hotel room for next year. Maestro Ed has already given us permission to build some new tables for next year. And I will do a much better job of advertising and marketing the tourney much earlier next year to you all thinking about it.


Now, on to the results and whatnot... The faction winners for this year's tourney were:

1st: Razig

2nd: Koborlas


Also represented:

Reptus x2






A couple of the tables were fairly wide open and allowed for shooty armies to be very affective this tourney. Both winning lists were heavy on the shooty side. they took advantage of the terrain or lack there of.


The basis for this tourney was it was a last man standing for each round. All points were based on destroying the enemy while surviving.


I had also placed 5 beads across the center point of each table (and inserted a joker card into the initiative draw deck). Each time the joker card was pulled, the players would turn the next Tarot card to find out the affect on the beads. I had 18 tarot cards. I deemed roughly 12 of the 18 as good effects for those that had them.


The feedback that I got was that the beads and the affects were fun but that because of the combination of the wide open table layout along with the strong shooty army lists, the beads were very under utilized. The shooty armies wanted to stay still and force the opponent to come to them, so they never went after the beads. Meanwhile, even though it was a free action to pick them up, it still requierd a model to be in btb with a bead, so unless their movement ended right next to a bead, the opponents playing the shooty armies did not want to slow down to pick up a bead, preferring to get across the table as quickly as possible so they did not pick up beads much easier.


Only the games where neither side were shooty armies did the beads get picked up a lot. And I was told they had a lot of fun with the beads, even the negative beads that went against them.


So, I have learned a few things with this go round, as we always learn. I will try to apply what I have learned towards next year's event. I don't want to go overboard with wholsesale changes just because both shooty armies won this year. Dan's Razig group had a great showing. But, he also had a good deal of luck too. In his first game against the gnomes, the BSG outnumbered him 4:1 on init cards, yet he somehow pulled the first three activations on each of the first two turns to really put his opponent in a tough spot. Yet the gnomes held on to only lose 11-9 in that game. I suspect that cuold have been very different had some of those initial draws been more even. That is what I love about Warlord. Plenty of ways to either brag or make excuses over the outcome of games, just a few card flip differences...

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Give your Warlord some credit or I will have you flogged. The restricted terrain vs. the BSG prevented me from spreading out to avoid close combat with monsters and those Blood Net spells. 90% of my casualties were from the Worm and the Lesser Golem that I was too hemmed in by terrain to avoid or even more by magic for the same reason.


Plus the Lesser Golem and Warlord dude both got up tough twice. The BSGs also had many one-track guys that somewhat lessened the impact of my two-point slow fire hits. Not to mention that in the first game I chose the wrong doctrine and that my opponent was a very skilled player.


Also remember that the Razig I used repeatedly crushed all comers under all kinds of conditions in the two months leading up to the convention.


That combo of the swarms of rats and the Seahag with Hold, Lighting and Domination can really slow down and break up attacks and leave the enemy vulnerable to the 18" 2-point damage hits of my Slow Fire shooters. Enemies that manage to close still have to deal with the First Strike of my bayonets and swarms of counterattacking rats.


Against the Elves, I slowed the charge of Darren's massed Centaurs with my Rat Swarms, stopped them with bayonets, and killed them with a volley or two. Darren's most effective tactic was using the mirror spell to double his archers. Almost all of my losses vs. the Elves were from long-range missle fire that I was initially unable to respond to until the threat from his melee units was resolved.


Against the Dwarves, even though my shooting die rolls were initially poor (one troop with Crow's Nest Willy and six Bone Marines was 0 for 14 shooting the first two turns), my opponent had only one shooter and no magic, so I was able to advance to meet him and just shoot him down.


There was all kinds of luck and there are all kinds of excuses. In the end, the majority of the damage done to my shooty army was by a magic or other shooty guys, not by melee. Also, I avoided high cost guys in favor of cheaper guys working as a team. The most expensive guy on my list was the Seahag at 74 points.


So what is my conclusion? I don't know. In the end the results still come down to getting the right match-ups and scenarios. And a bit of luck.


OK, alot of luck.


Darren taught me the game and Jason has been an inspiration to me to keep playing and investing in new armies through the dark days of near extinction. I hope that you guys who missed the tournament really do make an effort to play next year. Nay, as your Warlord, I demand that you arrive at ReaperCon 2014 ready for battle.


Warlord is such a fun game that I would hate to see it die.


Your Warlord has Spoken,

Dan the Mighty



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