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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race


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A few updates from the kickstarter page from Bryan. Not the best of news, but I am happy we are being notified of the progress.


UPS came back and said we had to redo everything for Canada. Rather than lose a day, we are working the current book of US orders. We will reset Canadian orders tonight after hours and be ready to pull that trigger tomorrow.
I'm really sorry, and please know we are doing everything we can to do this so there's no screw ups.
Also, orders escalate quickly from here. Before 5 lines or 6 lines took over a day. The next US book of 1500 orders starts partway through 8 items, and closes out 9 and 10, and begins 11!
Rest Of World Book currently scheduled for Thursday if nothing else goes kablooie.


Now, current data re: Canada and ROW.

Canada, we can process to your 3 Easternmost provinces, but not to the West. It's a thing. I'm not pleased but we need another form signed to ship to Calgary. I am not sure right now if we will return to Canadian shipments tomorrow as originally planned - with only 750 to go, I think we want to do them all and not do just Hal of those. Either way, when I'm done typing this, I'm breaking down pallets for reprocessing.



Daily lunch update : I'm not happy. Our cascade of problems and setbacks is obvious to all, and I so very hope that we got it all cleared up and can salvage the day.

I'm sorry guys, we're trying. Please bear with us.


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Poor guys. I'm so sorry. Hang in there, Flood victims, Bones victims, victims of Circumstance...


Oh Canada

Our home and native land

True patriot love

In all your sons command.

Our flag and anthem? I'm confused.


Is there a Hockey Game about to start?

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I was gonna post a short section of a Habs game, but I came across this and thought it was great. I didn't really follow hockey this year, so I didn't know about it.


Habs v. Sens

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