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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race


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Yippie Kai Yai Ayy!


Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff!


You're getting:

Swamp Things x1

Deathsleet x1

Demons x1

Mummies x1

C'thulhu x1

Jabberwock x1

Vermin x1

Familiars x1

Golems x1

Kaladrax Reborn x1

Grave Danger x1

Hydra x1

Dungeon Dressing x1

Nethyrmaul x1

Pirates x1

Forces of Nature x1

IMEF Paint Set x1

Starter Set 2 x1

Bedevilled x1

Clockwork Dragon x1

Mythos Monsters x1

Undead Giant x1

Haunts x1

Fire It Up! x1

Figure Case x3

Mind your Manors x1

Dwarves x1

Undead Paint Set x1

Starter Paint Set x1

Frost Giants x1

Undead Horde x1

Fire Giants x1

vampire x1


{!!snoopy dance!!}

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I suddenly find it disconcerting to know that Australians are living under my floor.


(I'm probably forgetting where exactly Buglipsia is, so I just went for the location of another Canadian gamer: http://www.antipodr.com/?addr=Prince+Edward+Island&x=0&y=0)


A bit off. But closer than I!





on-topic: Go go Moose Air! Tie a box to a Mountie! Wave maple leaves and jars of syrup! Or whatever it is you lot do to celebrate!

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I am having a good day today. I got a second email, this time from UPS telling me they have processed my order with the same tracking number as the Reaper one.


But then I got even better news! I also got this email:


"This is to re-notify you of the £500,000.00(POUNDS) was deposited here in the western union office in your name is available for pickup. Contact this email: w*******[email protected]* for your M.T.C.N Numbers.Contact Person: Mrs. Hillary Florence Email: w********[email protected]* Mobile:+447*******6*"


£500,000.00! Guess I'll be painting bones with top of the line paint brushes!


* emails and phone number changed to protect the scammers or scammies.

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@Suden. Hello my friend. I am a Canadian prince in need of your help with some financial aid to access vast amounts of wealth hidden in piggybanks and old Tim Hortons coffee tins buried throughout the western provinces (and parts of Newfoundland). In return I can promise you huuuge tracts of land will be yours upon the fortunes retrieval.

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I got my notice for edmonton. But I guess with the update saying Canada is finished, I should not be surprised.


*off topic, yeah a lot of Americans still think that living in Canada everyone knows each other by name and that we live in igloos.

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