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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race

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40+ temperatures here as well (southern Ontario). I'm a little worried the minis will turn into a puddle of plastic in the back of the delivery truck. It does get oven hot back there.

You bring up a good point... I shall prepare to reshape my minis immediately upon arrival. Y'know, when I won't need the hot water. :-)


And yes... I got my notice with a delivery date for tomorrow. :-D

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40c? Where abouts are you that you're getting that hot?

London, Ontario - main exports humidity and construction!


The land of never ending construction oh man. I live in Aylmer, and work in St. Thomas. As a picker packer, in a warehouse with no ac. Today was brutal, but our power went out and we got sent home at 2pm.


On topic: I got my delivery notice for tomorrow at "end of day". Hopefully it gets to my grandmas house so I can get it after work tomorrow.

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So there is a departure scan on my box at 8:17pm tonight at Concord ON, a quick Google Maps "directions" search shows that is 4hrs and 44 minutes away from my house, so logically, they should be delivering to me around 1am tomorrow morning, right? Right???


All I need to do is stay up waaaay too late and then I will have them in my grimy little hands, must consume caffeine, more caffeine....


Oh wait, silly me they will probably wait until daylight and maybe have one or two other deliveries to complete on the way.


And of course tomorrow is my first day back at work after a week and a half off, of course...


Damn you Reaper!!!

Praise you Reaper!!!

Damn you Reaper!!!

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My tracking now reads: "Out for delivery" from St. Catharines, ON. It's really going to be here today. Well, that or UPS is toying with me. I consider both possibilities to be equally probable.


Sadly (for reasons unrelated to this delivery), I haven't slept yet. Nevertheless I will forgive the UPS driver for waking me up. :-)

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Mine left Concord at 23:42 (departure scan).

Delivery is back to today,


If it's coming by truck, I don't see it happening. Concord to Truro (think they distribute from there) is ~16 hours according to google maps. Then it would have to be delivered.

So I'm still thinking it'll be tomorrow.


Unless they threw it on a plane to Halifax, of course......

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Ottawa, ON, Canada 07/17/2013 2:00 Arrival Scan


Yes... my package is in town and UPS claims delivery will take place today. Wanted to work from home today but have too many meetings. Urgh. Oh well. I will simply have to be distracted by the thought of bones. Can't want to open up the box with my 4 year old though! He's been waiting for the big box of "bonhommes" that he gets to help me paint to arrive.

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Mine left first!

Departed - Concord, On Departure Scan


Its most likely being flown to Winnipeg, and from Winnipeg a bunch of the Reaper packages will be distributed to the surrounding areas (if there are any Kickstarter backers around Winnipeg that do not actually live IN Winnipeg).


I too am up far to late, unrelated to the delivery. I need to go to sleep now. I have to be up in a few hours for work.

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