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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race

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It looks like several shipments travelled together on that truck.


I am hoping that they deliver before 2 pm, as this way my domestic boss will not get to see just how many bones I pledged for :ph34r:

:;): I was authorized to pledge because I was looking for cheap minis for my son to paint with me and play with. Now the extras.. well... they just fell into the proverbial cart as I was pledging. :bday:

For those that received their package, did you have to sign for it or will there be a warm box of bones on my doorstep when I get home?

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Peterborough, ON, Canada 07/17/2013 8:52 Out for Delivery


Ok, I'm starting to understand why Charlie Brown keeps chasing that football. He really really wants it to be true.

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Vancouver is uncomfortably warm and I can't open the windows with out being invaded by bugs, since screens on windows aren't a thing here. No confirmation of bones shipping details to cool me off :(


Hmmm... I still have yet to hear anything from UPS or Reaper (emailed Reaper yesterday about it). I wonder if they are working their way from the East to the West... anyone in BC here that has received a UPS notice?



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Mine was dropped off at 9:36am today! Can't wait to tear into the box on... Saturday? sigh. Have plans every night this week it seems to keep from my delicious bones!

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Mine was dropped off at 9:36am today! Can't wait to tear into the box on... Saturday? sigh. Have plans every night this week it seems to keep from my delicious bones!

You have to get your priorities straight!


What ever your plans were, change them to having folks help you unbag and inventory your bones!


PS, what if your address, I will go by and make sure that your bones are...safe, yeah, that's it, safe.

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I'm still at "A lable has been created"


starting to get worried


There's zero reason to be worried. Sometimes my tracking #'s haven't updated until they're at the local distribution depot, which usually means that they'll be out same day for delivery. Give it another week or two before you panic.

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