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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race

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So there's two issues? P.o box Canada orders and west Canada orders?


P.o are still at reaper and west is at the border correct?


Btw knee surgery went well I'm now back home


That's correct.


We are anticipating UPS movement today on the WCan stuff at the border based on a twit from Reaper. If it's not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, we start asking the same questions again.

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Massive amount of images incoming:

Man we can't get them so there is no way to pass it on, much less in writing. After this is over we will do a vid or update and discuss this adventure further. All I can say is if you think this indus

I'm of two minds about it, and that's because of all the fun I have in this community.   On the one hand, I'm super greedy to get my Bones. Like, yesterday. I'm all prepped, ready to go, I've even

Man, you forgot to play up the 1000th post! I think this is now the largest thread on the forums by a LONG yard!


<Cue "Canada's Really Big">


I was tempted. I saw the post before was the 999th, and was tempted, but thought it not worth mentioning.


I think it is however safe to say that there is a CONSIDERABLE amount of Canadian Reaper customers.


Also that while we're kind, polite and patient, we do have our limits, and waiting on UPS is one of those limits.



All things considered, in my prior experiences with horrible horrible UPS service, this particular experience was actually one of the least painful I've had. They successfully delivered the package, to the right door, and without just ditching it, and without gouging me for money. Its a small miracle, I swear.


Even though I have my package, I wont be fully satisfied until every Canadian (within reason) has their package in their hands.


I'm just glad that this topic was at least somewhat successful in aiding in passing around what little knowledge was available for waiting Canadians.



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My BC bound UPS tracking page has finally been updated. Current location is Calgary and slated for arrival this coming Tuesday. It is about time, can't wait.

Good for you! ::):


I just checked mine. No update yet. ::(:

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Trackpack has updated and I received an email from UPS!




It seems UPS has discovered time travel, and will deliver my package yesterday (or since it's past midnight, two days ago). Good Work.


UPS: Bringing you yesterday's deliveries....tomorrow!

Well, they could always outsource to...


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My BC bound UPS tracking page has finally been updated. Current location is Calgary and slated for arrival this coming Tuesday. It is about time, can't wait.


Geesh. Get so busy at work that you can't visit the forums or even check your personal email for two days and you miss the first real steps of your baby news about your Bones.


That said, while I don't seem to have an official notice from UPS, I just checked the tracking ID they originally sent me and this is what it said in the top section:


Scheduled Delivery:

Tuesday, 07/30/2013, By End of Day


Last Location:

Departed - Calgary, AB, Canada, Saturday, 07/27/2013

The Shipment Progress history section states it was scanned for departure at 2:11 local time (Mountain) which (as they use 24 hour time codes) would be very early this morning.


This, Port Moody, BC girl is now very happy. Which, of course, means it's time for a Snoopy Dance!!!



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