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Great Canadian Mass Shipment Bones Race


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Tuesday's coming did you bring your coat?


Cuz it will be rainin' bones!


Celebratory gif



Suddenly i'm flashing back to the "Thriller" video.






All the single ladies, all the single ladies

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

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Regina, SK


Package recieved

All pieces present and accounted for

Large models all seem to have the right bits


and I have 4 extra IMEF Marines


Kaladrax is going to need some reposing his right legs just won't reach down to the base he's standing on.


other than that I am a happy camper.


now the painting begins

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The box was left on my porch in Saskatoon SK today. I have a pretty big grin right now after dry-fitting a few of the larger add-on purchases. The Vampire box itself was a bit too daunting for me to open at this time :)

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Bit more of a lurker then a poster, but considering I'm both Canadian and patiently awaiting the delivery here in Alberta, may as well chime in.

As for what I ordered:


-- Vampire x1

-- Orcapocalypse x1

-- Figure Case x1

-- Demons x1

-- Undead Giant x1

-- Forces Of Nature x1

-- Nethyrmaul x1

-- Kaladrax Reborn x1

-- C'thulhu x1

-- Hydra x1

-- KS Sophie UL x1

-- KickStarter Sophie x1


So I doubt I'll be first to get them, but you never know.


It all showed up today, but now I'm at work, contemplating where to begin. Also need to sort out what I'm willing to part with for friends and what is a must keep.


Undead Giant definitely a favorite already.

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Bones get! Calgary. Delivery at ~1800, on schedule.


100% Vampire fulfillment. Nothing more, nothing less. I am within the standard deviation for "woobly weapon" syndrome and have a few "Matrix stand-ins". My 80025 "Bonnie" is really pulling a Neo, the base tip lifts up a good quarter inch in front because she's leaning back so far. Merisiel also got pretty bent out of shape (hur hur). A handful of minis are also leaning despite being really sturdy (Dain Deepaxe is at ~30 degrees bent over his boots, and he's pretty sturdy). I'm hoping they straighten on their own. Finally, I have 3-4 minis that require rhinoplasty.


My PF Red Dragon has two right wings. Anyone in YYC end up with 2 lefts?


I am very pleased with 99% of the minis. Will definitely pick up the pre-KS Bones, some of the addons that I missed, and any future Bones too (gotta collect em all!), especially if they're blister packed. Some of these guys look so badass, I might pick them up in metal to see what details I'm missing.


Finally, the included pamphlet has a list of the MSP colour triads, but doesn't seem to have any of the new colors from KS Paint Set 2 and 4. Not sure if that was on purpose or not.

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