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It's 4am. I've just spent the last few hours going through my first of case of miniatures. I've managed to take quick photos if some and add them to my "Miniatures Owned" notebook. http://sprng.me/e9act


I have a SKU checklist but visually the Springpad notebooks are an easier and more satisfying system.


While inputting them I started thinking about each mini and will be discussing the few I put in within each spring.


You'll be able to tell quickky enough that I used to collect mostly Ral Partha.


This isn't about showing off my collection. I'll post those directly to Show Off when they are finished. No, this thread is about using a visual note system for cataloging.


I also list the minis I'm interested in acquiring or taking notes from.


Miniatures of Interest: http://sprng.me/e8n01

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As I told Kay in a different thread, I might just make a Notebook for each of my display pieces. Then I can put in lists of colors used, A WIP entry. Show off pics. Character information if it's associated with a specific PC, NPC or Monster.


The other neat thing ... if you like some other person's figure or the paint job they do on someone else's notebook, you can "spring" their entry to an ideas notebook. I have a few in my Miniatures of Interest notebook. Then I can add my own notes and so on. You don't have to pull them from other Springpad Notebooks. I have a couple of CMON posts as well as some from on here that inspire me to try harder. There's a halfling on the CMON, Ofo Fast Feet, that has a really nicely done lighting paint job.


I just added Corporea's Ice Spider as well.


The versatility of Springpad's software is great.

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