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How complicated are you?


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Top Posters In This Topic

  • Vampire x1 $100

  • Fire Giants x1 $10

Frost Giants x1 $10

Orcapocalypse x1 $25

Mind Your Manors x1 $10

Figure Case x1 $25

There Be Dragons x1 $15

Clockwork Dragon x1 $15

Forces Of Nature x1 $15

Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10

Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10

Nethyrmaul x1 $25

Undead Giant x1 $10

Demons x1 $15

I regret not getting more of the dragons, especially the Pathfinder Red Dragon and Ebonwrath. As well as Paint set 2. Oh well, there is MORE than enough there to keep me busy for a long time.


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No one understands me but my woman.

You have a woman?!! :blink:


of her own free will or taken in a raid from us hoomans and chained in the back of your cave? ::D:


If it was one captured in a raid, she would have to be drugged to keep her there, otherwise she would gnaw her own hands and feet off to escape!

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  • Vampire x1

  • Ebonwrath x1

There Be Dragons x1

Mythos Monsters x1

Clockwork Dragon x1


Deep Dwellers x2

Hydra x1

Kaladrax Reborn x1

C'thulhu x1

Swamp Things x1

Nethyrmaul x1

Mister Bones x4

Frost Wyrm x1

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