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Adventure wagon/cart...scratchbuilt

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post-11942-0-19168900-1364597058_thumb.jpgI am the (GM) for two RPG groups...I sctrachbuilt this wagon/cart as transport for the adventure group(s) during game play. This is a game playing piece.

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That looks great. Very useful too in a lot of games.


I like the fact that you took the trouble to use chain to attach the horse to the cart.


Back in the day me and a friend tried our hands at making scratch built wagons for our games. Nowadays there's a few laser cut companies that also produce carts.

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019.JPGI am the (GM) for two RPG groups...I sctrachbuilt this wagon/cart as transport for the adventure group(s) during game play. This is a game playing piece.

Very nice. How many figures does it fit?


What horse is that, Ral Partha, GW, Reaper?

And what flavor of RPG, Pathfinder, D&D?

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I could not believe that this posting of a simple single horse cart (nearly 2 years old) just received a few comments...thank you to the comment posters from yesterday!


To answer your questions (TGP)...The wagon can hold (4) figures mounted on 1" square bases...The horse is a Ral Partha miniature...The game was one of my own creation (as are all my group fantasy/adventure RPG games); based on the arcane.


Paul (catdancer)

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Thank you to the thread-o-mancer, I missed this the first time around.


Very nice work. Simple, useful, and very well detailed.

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It's another instance of when everything old is new again. Like Wolf I missed this one the first time around. AND it is a BEAUTY...VERY WELL DONE!

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