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Rock Solid

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Was reading Purple Llama's WIP thread, specifically the bit on issues encountered when attaching a mini to a piece of rock, and thought these Pics of my solution might be helpful.




I reduced the original base to just tiny slivers under each foot, ground corresponding depressions in my piece of rock, glued the mini in place, and finished off with some green stuff.


Two points worth noting: 1)Wear safety goggles while grinding the rock, 2)Test fit frequently while grinding so the mini winds up sitting flush with the top of the rock.

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What do you use to grind with?

A motor tool equipped with a cylindrical diamond wheel bit. It's been a while since I did this, but I recall it cutting into the rock pretty easily.


@ Suden: The painting's long done. Pulled up the WIP pics because they seemed pertinent to a discussion going on elsewhere on the boards. Wanted to dress up the base further with some ferns. Nobody here in the US seems to handle the product and I never got around to placing an order from overseas.

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Hasslefree minis has some etched brass ferns ("bracken"). They are in the UK but charge only actual shipping, which tends to be pretty low given how lightweight this stuff is.

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