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(SPLIT) Canadian Railways

Darsc Zacal

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Not sure who they are using to ship to Canada, but they are going to RAFM who, near as can be determined, are going to send them out Canada Post. No need to worry about shipping and handling charges with whoever. When Reaper promises free shipping, they mean free shipping.

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I'm not Canadian, although my brother-in-law almost became a professor at a Canadian university and he and his family lived there for a few years and our nephews took up hockey in a big way and learned the national anthem.* Also we drive through Ontario nearly every summer as it is close to a beeline between one group of our relatives in the US and another group of relatives in the US and it is very pretty and the drivers are sane and Niagara Falls is one of the most incredible things we have ever seen.


And Tim Hortons in Canada have a better selection of better pastries than Tim Hortons in the US.


So good luck, neighbors to the (mostly) north, and happy Bonesing.








*"Oh, Tannenbaum, or, the Maple Syrup Carol"

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Hi all,

Don't post much on this forum.

Patiently awaiting my order in balmy Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As to what I ordered, I honestly can't remember. All I know is that its the vampire level with almost 1 of every add on.

Just a quick ? to all the other Canadians. Has anyone heard of which shipper Reaper is using?

I am fine with USPS or RAFM. Hopefully NOT UPS. The shipping and brokerage fees are almost as much as the order.





YES! ANOTHER PERSON FROM WINNIPEG! Hello fellow Winnipeg person, hows it going? Ever go to Pendragon on main?


Orders should be shipped from a Canadian distributor to Canadians using Canada Post. There will be no Duty (except maybe provincial taxes? But I doubt that).

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