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Got a Camera?

Ghost Rider

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With Kit's permission I'm posting a couple of cameras that I have for sale.


Camera #1 - Yashica YashicaMat 124G Medium format camera.

Great condition. It uses 120 or 220 film (difference is no. of exposures) The negative size is 2-1/4" x 2-1/4".

It takes great pictures.


Camera #2 - Calumet 4x5 Rail camera.

This camera uses film that is 4"x5" and is great for high detail photography and if you want to make your own posters this camera gives great results with little graininess.

This camera has a tripod and all the nesc. equipment needed.


I also have misc darkroom equipment too.


Please send any questions to my email at [email protected] or pm me please do not post them here.



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I will state for people now... these are more long the lines of PROFESSIONAL grade. If you're looking for just snapshots or random pics of minis and such.. these are probably not for you. Developing cost of these will be higher, especially the large format camera (the Rail) as you'll probably have to go to a custom developer.


The film is also more expensive.


But with that said...


*DROOL* :wub:

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