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CAV Universe Organizations


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       In addition to the Master CAV list mentioned in other postings, I now have the CAV Universe master listing of all the different groups mentioned in all the CAV manuals I have to date.  This list covers: Major Powers, UCORs, Mercenary, Pirate, Independent organizations.  The list covers combat units, their Unit Crests (if any), formations, types of equipment (if too much is listed you are directed to the list by pages color coded in red), page reference to which manual units are found.  Anyone wishing a copy send me an e-mail to USofA3 at juno.com, with the subject of: Organizations.  As always anyone already receiving other lists will automatically receive this one.



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"...unit crests..." -try- unit badges.



A crest is an object (or some design) attached to or depicted on the top of a helmet.

A badge is a design (often heraldic in style) assigned to or associated with military units or ships.

[ It is worth noting that a badge could have a helm and a crest as elements of its design. ]



To review: crest = the thing on your hat; badge = design painted on the hull.

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