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They were designed to sell the paint so you could get to the bottle or jar in the FRONT, but not the ones behind it thus creating a lot of wasted space. I like Burn In Design's stand up racks personally.



Did a quick Google search and I couldn't find them, is there a way you can post a link for us real quick?



They look good, I've never ordered from them though.



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Except the shelves and the amount of paint, I'm kinda surprised how similar my setup is to JackMann's. I have the same lamp, same helping hands, and mount the mini's the same way. Its good to know I'm going in the right direction!

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So after digesting all the ideas I saw here, my husband and I came up with this design.




This is stage one, we are going to add a shelf above this one, and put another few tiers in order hold the rest of my paints.


We decided to go with this custom solution because the price of nail polish racks for the number I needed was prohibitive. I also really liked the tiered effect that Uncle Billy had for his paints.


So this is a Ikea Micke Desk with a custom built rack made from cheap poster board. We chose the smaller version of the desk more because of the space constraints in our new office than anything else. Then my Husband measured the space and cut out pieces of Elmer's diorama poster board (found at Miejer's) into the shelves. It didn't take too long, and fits the paint perfectly.


I then made the choice to put the paints in order of color (the best I could) regardless of who made them. Because I am usually looking for a paint based on color more than the qualities of the paint. But this also allows me to think: "I need a bright yellow... but one that is more opaque..." and compare which yellows I have and which products tend to be more opaque.


If anyone is interested I can ask him to scan his plans so you only have to cut out the same pieces. This really was the cheapest solution, and it works pretty well. The only draw back is if one paint tips over, it will take all the other paints with in on the lower tiers.

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I've got a friend who works as a carpenter, and is going to build me 2 or 3 MDF wall-mounting racks like the ones on the left here: http://www.progeng.co.uk/paint-racks#!__paint-racks


His are 5x5. I'm looking forward to finally getting my space organized, because it is madness down there right now. Particularly after the Reaper sales area at PAX. Yeesh.

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I love some of the solutions shown, but for me things like the wall racks, while great looking would be impossible - I'm only 5 foot (well slightly under) with a corresponding reach. Instead I take up most of my desk space with back to basixs racks...

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