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post-11942-0-69227000-1364839543_thumb.jpgpost-11942-0-11509900-1364839415_thumb.jpgpost-11942-0-24109600-1364839262_thumb.jpgThis is a vignette from my private collection. I love this figure, so far I have painted (5) color versions of her. In the side view photo I tried to show the (subtle, but sexy pink & white garters she is wearing). I submitted this to the Inspiration Gallery and have received no reply.

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Very nice. Almost has a cartoon-like quality about it.


I think that's the best painted loaf of bread and block of cheese I've ever seen. :;):


Well done on the girls clothing and tankard too.

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Approval in the inspiration gallery may well be delayed at this point due to the workload created by shipping out the KS rewards. Not to mention getting ready for ReaperCon. Just be patient, its a great looking piece.

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Good job. I like the green and pink together, I always think about pink but very rarely follow through with it. Your details down to the fingernails are great, if you felt so compelled you could add a dark spot and white reflection dot to the eyes it would help really make them pop.

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    • By bblythe84
      I painted her up as a fun project. Let me know what you think. 
      I am trying to improve my painting abilities.
      The purple marking on her thigh was supposed to be a skull tattoo, it didn't really work as well as I had hoped.

    • By planetmut
      Her face is way lighter in real life. In the pics she looks like she's got stubble...

    • By Darcstaar
      Such a fun idea for a mini!
      But then you have to paint all the dragon scales.
      I was going for a more Asian skin tone.  I tried to speed through this one since her sword was so bent.
      WIP link below.

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      Presenting the Chimera, a monster from the game Etherfields by Awaken Realms.
      Not super happy with her skin, it went blotchy and all my attempts to fix it made it worse!
      Despite that, I think she ended up pretty snazzy.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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