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Sacrificial Alter Of Rama Kas...Scratchbuilt...

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post-11942-0-27842600-1364862508_thumb.jpgpost-11942-0-59999400-1364862285_thumb.jpgpost-11942-0-24476100-1364862023_thumb.jpgpost-11942-0-73017300-1364861771_thumb.jpgThis is another tabletop playing piece for my RPG group. It again came about from my parts box. I had a tiny metal alter and some plastic pillars, so I decided to build this (Sacrificial Alter Of Rama Kas - Evil Cultist). The piece is 10" x 6" and the base is ceiling tile cut to size & shape...I cast the stone walls & rock steps myself out of plaster...all woodwork is scale lumber...bolts are railroad bolts. The vegetation is an assortment of items that I thought would look good and fit the piece.

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nice. Has your group rescued many would be victims from this place?

In fact, they have...they were able to rescue a tribal princess...but they failed to rescue a lord that met his end on that alter...now revenge for that death also drives the group!

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