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    • By GodOfCheese
      This ghast is very angry at a player character's insensitive "Thriller" reference.  :-)

    • By Gor of the North
      Just wondering if anyone else ever had any trouble getting 77059 Orc Berserker to stay standing up? He seems top-heavy.
    • By Jasonator
      I thought that I would finish this tomorrow and then post.
      I kept on looking at it sitting on my painting desk and said..DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He is Done.
      I can honestly say that this miniature blew my socks off, this one has fantastic
      Challenges, incredible details,and it will make you work and concentrate like you never
      have before.  I don't think I have been happier painting a miniature than this one.
      so, here is the completed Emperor Lucius, Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

    • By Jasonator
      Since I complete my last mounted Noble Oak Guard I needed to find something to paint.
      Fortunately, six more figures showed up yesterday, and I started cleaning up the Red Knight.
      He's been filed, primed, and I decided that I was going to do something different than I normally do.
      I left off the black lining, and started layering in a dark pumpkin mix of dusky flesh, and fire orange.
      Then added some brown to make a richer brown undercoat, and painted it onto the figure.
      I will gradually add reds to fulfill his name, but this is learning, and playing.  I really like where this
      is heading.  So, a new beginning!  And I can make a real base for him on the standing figure

    • By catdancer
      TITLE...Jungle Waterfall Pond
      SCRATCH BUILT...This is a tabletop gaming piece that depicts a small jungle waterfall and pond. Used by adventure group members to bathe, wash their clothes, water their animals and refill their waterskins. 
      PHOTOS 7 & 8...Depict the small clearing...(photo 7) without the character clothing & weapon...(photo 8) with the character clothing & weapon.
      NEAR COMPLETE...The piece is complete except for the final pour of liquid water on the pond...I do water pours only when I have 4 to 5 pieces that need it; so that I can do all of them at the same time.
      Hope you like this little piece of work.
      Paul (Catdancer)...
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