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Hangar 18 Studio Backdrops - Review


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Someone was kind enough to post a link to Hangar 18 Miniatures's photo backdrop products. As I was having little luck creating one of my own that satisfied I decided to invest.


A2-sized prints are 16" x 23" and work very well for larger models like Land Raiders and most aircraft.


A3-sized prints are 11" x 17" and are what I use for pretty much everything else.


Hangar 18 has a large variety of backdrops to choose from so it isn't difficult finding the right one for what it is you're trying to photograph. I have a large variety of different models so I went for the A3 6-pack, another simpler/lighter print for good measure, and the A2 sized Gold Green print for my larger models.


You can see them in action here: "Antique Leather" - "Green Gold" - "Northern Sky"


PRO's: Absolutely stunning detail, wonderful variety means something for everybody, and easy to work with. Depending on how you position your lights they look MUCH brighter when you actually use them versus the example pics. Further manipulating your light box can produce some interesting effects. I've been playing with my black light to try to get these to glow a little behind my minis.


CON's: A bit pricey and they're a little fragile. I perminently scratched my Northern Sky print the first time I used it. You can see the marks bottom center of the example pic linked above. I wasn't able to determine definatively if the scratches were paint or if I took pigment off the print media.


As long as you take care of these and don't abuse them you should only ever have to purchase them once and you'll never go back to the improvised stuff again. These combined with proper lighting really improved the quality of my presentation. Worth every penny in my opinion!

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