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Bunch of Crap from FRP Wip

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So I ordered a couple of bags of 1" slotted tiles from frp this weekend and I went a bit nuts and Now I have a wip thread just for this order.... :wacko:


So posting in order of interest to me. Or something like that, it's late and I'm pissed my tengu necromancer didn't get to cast animate dead on that troll he just killed.


Nice cheap mini.

freebooter lillith



So after last week we had 2 pc deaths in my game and one of the new players (I have a weak spot to make sure they get attached to their characters) rolled a ratfolk alchemist who wear's full plate and I stumbled apon this in the sale rack.... :blink: Had to get it. So this is my first ever resin mini... I must say I don't like the way it behaves it's easy to clean/carve but it's brittle, also takes a Lot more prep work than reaper's bones or worst metal mini's. Game is tomorrow so I suspect I will base it and toss it on the table and paint it later.

scibor miniature rat warrior


And we come to the pilot... I have been eying some of these busts for a WHILE now and I noticed they keep putting them on 40-70% sells so I figured now is the time to press myself in the corner and learn something new. I'm really excited to get started on him but a bit worried too. At this point I had to do a LOT of clean up, it came covered in resin bubbles that I had to scrape off with the back of my eXcato and other minor things.


scibor mini dwarf pilot lenoardo


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So majority of base coating is done, and about 90% of the highlighting on the skin.

used the chainmail technique from l2p5, and I have to say I like it, the yellow is a mix of sun yellow and honed steel, anything darker than sun yellow turned it to a rather nasty green.





Left side of the head is giving me trouble, the teeth are not clearly defined.



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So My parents have been baby sitting my daughter for me since I will no longer let her go to her house after the fumes from the oil spill made her sick, it seems my dad lost my micro usb cable so I WAS going to post some pictures of the bust but that's going to have to wait a bit.

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So posting this to give myself some ideas.


the cap is a bit to dark imo I was thinking A blue for the upper part of the torso and a dark brown for the beard, maybe red around the fur lining and some white fur..... undecided about the bottom section atm.


Defiantly going to use brass on the goggles, with just a hint of green in the crevices.



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