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post-11942-0-53351100-1365103427_thumb.jpgThis photo was posted at the request of a member who wanted to see a group shot of my adventure group (The Seekers)...her they are, all (10) characters (not counting/showing...Voltar (NPC) dwarf. Starting with the back row...the characters are:...(hope you like it)!


1. Lord Kasimer (Templar Knight)

2. Draco Bearclaw (Norse Warlord)

3. Karta Ur (Nubian Warrior)

4. Celia (Spellbinder)

5. Amaranth Fortuno (Charlatan)

6. Sister Sinn (Battle Nun)

7. La Fey (Sisterhood of the Blade)

8. Shana (Spellbinder)

9. Gor Grimbeard (Dwarf Warrior)

10. Elmdar Sparrowhawk (Elf Ranger)

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Yow, 10 PCs? I thought my group was enormous with only 6. ^_^

I do consider myself blessed for having such a large group and all are very serious & dedicated to game play...they range in the age group of 18 to 32...I have a 2nd group that is smaller and older (it has 6 PCs)...they range from 24 to 45 in age and deal with more (adult situations in game play)!

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    • By Rigel
      The whole gang (at least, until I order Prof. Laura Pringle from Chronoscope)! 

      Thank you for bearing with me on this project! 
    • By sirgourls
      So I did up these gentlemen. I made up a story in my head about how they're a trio of brothers who jointly run the biggest, baddest band of bugbears in the land. They'd make decent-ish foils for some low-level adventurers I think. Nothing mind-blowing in hand but they'll look fine on the table, which is generally always my goal anyway. I tried to get some blood-spatter going on, but admittedly I've never really looked into how to go about it. I just drybrushed some red onto their weapons (and Mogg's shield, though you can't see it). It turned out well enough you can tell what it's meant to be I think, but I know there are some stellar examples of it out there. I'll have to look into that for next time.

    • By sirgourls
      Okay, last post of the night for me. I actually painted these guys up a while back when my home D&D game featured a necropolis, but I didn't post them up then and am just now getting around to it. My roommate got in on the Bones II Kickstarter, and these guys are all phenomenal. They're in previews right now, so I'm hoping they hit the retail store soon so I can nab some more for myself. Plus it appears they're coming in sprues of 3! So I'll have a bunch of undead nasties next time I need some. Much excite.

    • By Citrine
      Please join in showing off your 2014 painting efforts.
      I painted several groups of minions this year, including zombies, skeletons and spiders. This really helped boost the mini count.
      Edit: I painted 101, I think I have every mini in this photo.
      Linked for nudity (Fire Elemental and Kashia Ghostmane)
    • By catdancer
      These are the main NPC female characters that the adventure group encounters in my RPG game. These are all playing figures and are as follows (starting in the back row):
      1. Female thief (Diedra Darkwillow) 02643
      2. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(booby flash)
      3. Strumpet (Townsfolk III) 02655...(panty flash)
      4. Kara female archer (02528)
      5. Jade dancing girl (02749)
      6. Bar wench (Townsfolk I) 02583...(6 mugs)
      7. Dancing girl (02448)...(coin bikini outfit)
      8. Bar wench (Townsfolk I)...02583...(high tray)
      9. Madam with book (Townsfolk III) 02655
      10. Strumpet (Townsfolk II) 02584...(crook finger)
      Not pictured is (Slave girl)...featured as a solo (Show Off) gallery
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