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My Reaper BONES kickstarter has arrived!

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Fromper, I just recently learned how to paint miniatures this past year after pledging to the Bones Kickstarter. For me the first step was the Reaper Learn to Paint Kit number 1, which brings the necessary Reaper paints and brushes to get you started. Once you learn a little bit and know how to provide proper care to your brushes I'd suggest buying a good quality brush or two (Kolinski Sable Windsor & Newton series 7, size 2 seems to be popular for miniature painting but there are whole threads discussing best brushes, etc.) I was surprised how easy and fun painting was once I started. Amazon and other online stores carry the Reaper Learn to Paint kits, though sometimes they are out of stock.

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But I just got mine today, and they are so worth it


They are worth it. In L2PK1 you get full bottles of brush on primer, black ink and 8 colours. Individualy, those alone cost more than the kit and you also get 2 brushes, 2 metal minis and the painting instructions. L2PK2 has the primer and 10 full bottles of paint, plus 2 minis and 2 brushes. Great Value.

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And Reaper has them in stock on it's site. But with Reapercon it might be a while to ship.


I suspect that Reaper will clear all the regular orders before going back to Kickstarter shipping, since orders placed during Reapercon to get the new Sophie figure are pretty heavy. In the past, thay have usually shipped within a day or two after the end of the con.

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wait, I can order the new Sophie? I thought I had to show up at the Con, or origins to get it?


There have been two different figures available, starting somewhere around 2010, IIRC. There is the ReaperCon Sophie; she is available only during ReaperCon, either at the con, or online from Reaper during the con, The 2nd miniature is the Convention miniature. It is not available online, but can be purchased at pretty much every convention that Reaper attends (PAX, Origins, GenCon, wherever they happen to show up) from the current ReaperCon until just prior to next year's event. The first one of these was a Sophie as well (and there were actually two versions of her - a regular and an urban legend version); all of the Convention miniatures since - including this year's - have been Mouslings.


So, come next Thursday, you can hop on Reaper's site, and order as many copies of the Carnival Sophie as you want. To get Madam Gorgonzola, however, you will either need to attend ReaperCon or one of those other events that Reaper is present at, or have someone that will be there do your shopping for you.





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My vampire level bones showed up today (It, mini case, and a paint set). now its time to get to un bagging them all and taking a good look at the goodies... :)




Hey.. I have a bit of road rash that you can rub some salt into to make me feel better about you getting your bones! Mine have not even shipped!! :zombie:


Glad you got your bones. I am just waiting patiently for the unknown Christmas date that I receive mine.

Snitchy sends.

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