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My Reaper BONES kickstarter has arrived!

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Inventory complete! No extras, nothing missing. One or two minis with noticeable gaps where it wasn't glued together quite right - I can probably fix those. Tons of bent minis, but that doesn't bother me - boil-and-bend is easy.


I only got one figure case, and I was a little worried about everything fitting in there. However, it turns out there's not as many standard human-sized minis in the Vampire box as I'd thought. Quite a few of the non-humans (and even some of the humans) are just waaaaaay to big to fit into the slots in the case, and I don't feel like cutting bigger holes at this point.


One trick I used was taking the little boxes my paint came in and using them to hold groups of related minis. I ended up organizing my minis thusly:


  • Small box of undead - skeletons, zombies, mummies, and that one vampire
  • Small box of familiars and dungeon dressing
  • Small box of vermin - rats, spiders, generic goblins (NOT the "We Be Goblins"), kobolds,
  • Small box of various small to medium monsters (bat swarm, eye beast, demons, etc.)
  • Big box with giants, orcs, and other large monsters as well as the green Haunts and Fire It Up (some things separated into ziploc bags within this box)
  • Figure case holds all the normal-sized humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and "We Be Goblins".


It just happened to make sense that the stuff that naturally fits in the figure case is also mostly the minis I would consider valid for player characters in the games I play/run. I did make sure the Townsfolk were grouped together in the case, as well as the shorter-than-humans, the We Be Goblins, and the more "big bad guy" humans, so that they'd be separate from the minis most of my players are going to want to look through when we paint minis for my new campaign next week.

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Finished Inventorying everything... took a few hours to go through the two Vampire boxes but the spreadsheet that Jasper_the_2nd made available (earlier in this thread) was a big help.


Out of both vampire boxes, I have 1 'Sleelah, Iconic Paladin' missing plus Ebonwrath from my add-ons.


On the plus side, like some of you, I had an extra baggie of 4 Nova soldiers in one of the Vampire Boxes and an extra Spider-Centaur among my extras.



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My wife and I did an initial inventory last night; Only one missing. I got a second Haunt set, and had three of one type instead of two, and 1 of another instead of two. So, total count was right, and off by 1 mini.


Did a more detailed examination of the ones in 'pieces' to be assembled. Only anomaly is the Hydra. Two 'left heads + feet' the same.


All other miniatures (and I ordered all the add on but the Orcs), and no other issues are problems.

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I have the same issue but am holding off till I have finished inventory on my vampire box. That way I can get it all taken care of at once. that and i m might order some pieces from the bone yard like the shield of Almaran the gold... that would make a snazzy thunder shield for my Belial custom I am doing it is based on the Cataphracti terminator armor.

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I had a pick error in paints. Received an extra 09286 Punk Rock Pink, but was missing 09283 Old West Rose. Sent e-mail to [email protected].


Also, not a big deal, but the caps on at least 2 bottles were very loose, barely on. Mine are okay, but I'd suggest checking yours because this could result in minor leaks, especially in shipping with air pressure and temperature changes.


Lastly, and again, no big deal, but the labels were misprinted on 4 bottles. It looks like the printer was out of toner for 2 each of 09280 Nightmare Black and 09281 Brains Pink. They are just...faded, I guess. Easy fix with a fine Sharpie, though.

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