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My Reaper BONES kickstarter has arrived!

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I was considering buying bulk Oxidation Beasts and running a Bug Hunt scenario...


With the new Bones rust monsters, you can! Just wait until they are available.




If all the figures from Bones will be available later, can I get the Fire It Up and green figures in regular white Bones plastic? Because as I examine these figures, the translucent plastic isn't much of a selling point. If I was a young child it would be cool, but it actually obscures the detail and makes it difficult to focus on the figure. It seems a shame to paint over the translucent red/green, can I get a regular figure version?


I don't get it... you want it in white but then say it's a shame to paint over it, when you aren't really happy with it anyway. If you aren't interested in using it why don't you just undercoat it white, rather than hope for a factory white, I don't seeeee the diff. It seems nit picky.

And the "selling point" as you put it is to be able to use it straight out of the packet, whether you intend to or not. You can paint it or leave it, it reaches both audiences. Games like Castle Ravenloft come with blue translucent miniatures for things like wraiths. They're probably also good for people who use pre-painted plastics.


It'd be a shame to paint over the translucent red/green, which is why I'm asking for it in white. I may be able to flip the translucent pieces on ebay.


Glad to see others are getting some use outta their BONES kickstarter figures. For mee it was worth it, for the sheer amount of figures you get, but the lost detail kinda kills it for me.





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It'd be a shame to paint over the translucent red/green, which is why I'm asking for it in white.


Look at it this way; if they were metal, you'd have primered them anyway. And the Bones versions are butt-tons cheaper. And everyone who likes the fact that they are translucent wins too.


It literally is a win-win-win scenario.


Alternately, think outside the box. "Prime" them with dullcoat. Once they've got that on them, you can use washes to change the colors of the recessed areas, and then add highlights to the raised areas. You might just end up with something that looks like this...




More depth of color without abandoning the transparency entirely.



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I've decided I'm going to paint over the translucents, despite the fact that they were translucent being the very thing that made me jump in on the kickstarter.

I think I'm going to do a combo of partially painting them so you can still see the transparent bits as well. I just think this looks too cool not to try for myself:


I mean look at the ghost's sword hand! It looks like you can see the sword through his ghostly hand! So cool!

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It's an awesome idea, and I was going to do the same. But in the end I decided I wanted them to blend in with the other Bones a bit better, so I'll sacrifice their gnarly clarity for a more traditional look. I hope I get to see lots of other people doing creative things with them that preserve some of the translucency. It is a pretty cool look.

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Cassu - iirc, with that ghostly reaper swordman, you actually "can" see the sword through his hand. The artist drilled a bit out and either filled the inside with an object or filled it with paint so that there'd be "something" in there for him to hold. I think it is fantastic. >_> I'm intending to - at least with the ghostly ones - try to do part "solid" and part transparent. Will think about it more when I have them in-hand so I can figure out whether I can do some of the things I'm considering easily or if it's something to try when I have more skill converting.

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