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My Reaper BONES kickstarter has arrived!

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Inventoried the Vampire box today....


One entire bag of duplicates, and I suspect one entire bag of missing figures (including the female cloud giant). Unfortunately, I did not think to sort by bag as I was unbagging them, just checking off on a list with pictures (the one on Drop Box.)


Has anybody done an inventory of the Vampire box sorted by bag?


Pretty sure that all the IMEF and Zombie hunters were all in the missing bag....


Other than two dragons with swapped wings everything else was in order - just the Vampire box itself had problems. (Two dragons had one of the other dragon's left wing - all the wings were there, just two of them were with the wrong dragon.)


The Auld Grump


*EDIT* Looks like I have six bags, counting the one full duplicate and the empty bags.

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Ok. Inventoried some of the big and easy stuff and recognizable stuff. Results:




Mr Bones. Looked twice. =[. Where was your Mr. Bones???



- Hyrekia (both of mine were in a box with paints)

- 4 Nova Marines in their own baggie (separate from the Vampire huge bags)

- one zombie shambler from the undead horde

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There is a spreadsheet with pics, the number of minis that are suppose to be there, and what bag number they are in. I currently can't find what thread it's in, I think the got bones and inventoried.


You're bags should have a label number on them, 1-6. Take a look and see what number is missing.

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You are missing the zombie hunters. Forget the rest of that bag.

I am missing:

Orc Berserker 77059

Wall of Fire 77080

Burning Sphere 77081

Large Fire Elemental 77082

Medium Fire Elemental 77083

Dita Steampunk Witch 80006

The Black Mist 80007

Rosie Chronotechnician 80008

Rex Dark Future Hero 80009

Nova Corp SGT 80010

Mr. Bones 77195

IMEF Nick Stone 80016

IMEF Reggi Van Zandt 80017

IMEF Torch NcHugh 80018

IMEF Jazz Jenkins 80019

Imef Sarah Blitzer 80020

Nova Guard 80011

Nova Soldier 80012

Nova Female 80013

Garvin Markus 80014

Nova Rifleman 80015

Berkley Zombie Hunter 80022

Action Jackson 80023

Deputy Tisdale 80024

Bonnie 80025

Treasure Pile and Candelabra 77138

Mummy Captain 77145

Ragnaros Evil Warrior 77150

Marsh Troll 77152

Snakeman 77153

Lizardman 77155

Yephima Female Cloud Giant 77162

Elliwyn Heatherlark 77164

Ghoul Queen 77175

Familiars 77176

Familiars 77196



So, no, I am NOT going to 'forget the rest of the bag' - the zed hunters are among the least important items on the list.....


Going by the numbers on the bags I have bags 1 through 6, yet one of the bags contained only duplicates, so I am guessing that one bag was mislabeled.



The duplicates included Ape-X, Ellen Stone, Deadeye Slim and The Well of Doom, if that helps narrow down what bag got swapped. The full bag of dupes is labeled 6 - I do not know if that was the one that got the wrong contents or not.


Even with the missing figures I am very happy with the Kickstarter, and gods know the Reaper folks are likely still scrambling to get things out the door.


I'll drop them an e-mail, and tell them that when they are getting ready to ship replacements then I will place an order, so they can combine it with a package going out.


The Auld Grump

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You are missing the zombie hunters. Forget the rest of that bag.



So, no, I am NOT going to 'forget the rest of the bag' - the zed hunters are among the least important items on the list.....




Well on the other hand they will probably let you keep the duplicated bags so basically get 1/6 extra stuff!

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I took Jasper's sheet and added a column for Present? and a column with the bag number in which the mini was found.


Hats off to Jasper for doing all the heavy lifting!



Thank you! It looks like it was Bag 6 that had the problem - I had one bag 5 and then another bag 5 that was labeled 6.


Makes a big difference.


The Auld Grump

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I read Vroomer's message as meaning this:


You are missing the zombie hunters. I Forget what is in the rest of that bag.

I may be wrong, but I talk like that sometimes. Loses meaning in writing. Either that or he really likes the Zombie Hunters. :blink:

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I just finished my full inventory and inspection. 100% of my add-ons were perfect, and inside my Vampire Box I got everything I was supposed to get and nothing I shouldn't. I had two minor issues:


Ghost King has no 'pointing' arm, the Bonesium didn't make it past his elbow. Also his base looks truncated, but that might be the way it is supposed to be. Either way, he's like a reverse weeble (he can't not fall down).


The second error was one non-pathfinder goblin. His morningstar is just a stick, no Bonesium made it into the end of the mold that had the head/spikes of his weapon.


Other than those two miscasts, everything else looks good. Several models are doing the limbo, and lots of wibbly weapons (mostly spears), but all of that should be dealt with via heating. None of my models seem excessively rubbery/spongey. Overall, I'm pretty happy to have such minor issues on such a big order.

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