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My Reaper BONES kickstarter has arrived!

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I have inventoried all my add-ons. I needed a break and have yet to crack the lid of my Vampire box. I even got the cap and totally forgot I had it on for the past 2 hours or so :)


So far, everything is accounted for and no defects or missing/extra parts. The coffins on the back of my Wyrmgear's right legs (I got 2) are both a little wonky, but a touch of green-stuff work or something should fix it. Looks like the plastic was a little too warm still and warped a bit, which is really obvious on perfectly straight lines. A few are a bit bent, but most are okay. I suspect there is probably going to be more bent ones in the Vampire box. I'll probably just dump them all into the big box tonight after I go through them and let them rest and revert before giving the boiling treatment.


And thanks to Peanut for his/her awesome packing skills!

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Only defect I found was my "Forces of Nature" wood elemental has two right hands. It's not a big deal since I can make it fit reasonnably well.





His right? I have two if it's his right. But if it's his left, then we could trade. He's actually kinda creepier with two of the same hand and his thumb in the wrong spot on one. It's like he tried to mimic a humanoid, but just didn't quite get it.

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Finally finished my Vampire box inventory. My extra Chronosope set had 2 Sacha Durand's and no Andre Durand. That was the only mistake, and I don't really care enough about Andre to really want 2 of him. I like Sacha's sculpt better. So I'm calling it even.

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I was missing the mummy captain from my extra lot of mummies, but he was replaced with an extra mummy guardian so I'm calling that a win. Then I also got the extra lot of four NOVAs that a lot of other people were getting.

Everything else was fine, all parts accounted for.

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I meant the box everything came in, not the vampire box.

Gone through the lot, double checked and triple checked. Definitely missing. :down:


EDIT: Also the Hellborn Paladin was missing his shield arm. I've emailed Reaper so hopefully it will be sorted.

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My inventory so far:

(Got the pledge with two friends, we check only two boxes)


Missing: One Bonnie, Futuristic Heroine & one Ice Giant King´s Head.


Surplus: One Ice Giant King´s Arm, one Isiri Arachinid Archer torso & 1 bag of NOVAs.


Very very happy!


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A few issues with my vampire + loads of extras & paints


5 items missing items


RPR77076: Lysette, Female Elf, KS klocke classics,

2x RPR77053 : Zombies, KS undead horde

RPR77036: Devona, Female Wizard, KS orig 30 (mummy level),

9039: Pure White Paint, Starter Paint set,


2 items with missing parts


RPR77017: Skeletal Swordsman, KS undead horde (shield arm missing)

RPR77074: Dain Deepaxe , KS dwarves, (shield arm missing)

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Almost perfect.


I got the extra candleabra and extra four NOVA security.


My Mr. Bones was mixed in with extras, not in the Vampire box.


I have a couple of wonky arms (errors at the factory?) One Dungeon Attack goblin has his mace protuding below his base, Finaele, Zalesh and Mason Thorwarden have misaligned hands/arms. Mason's especially looks odd. Bow is vertical rather than horizontal.


I have one missing part:

Valeros's back piece (bow?)


Do we e-mail Reaper about errors?

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Hail, hail the Remarkable Farkle McBride!
His glorious, big box of minis arrived!
Three vamps all sorted and not a mini misplaced,
(some minor rebending is all he will face).
Two Kallys, a Nethyr and Cthulhu to slay,
With no problems at all (‘cept that shipping delay).
The forces, the giants and one big ol’ skelly,
Are now ready to turn all his players to jelly.
Ready, of course, with one small exception …


Farkle’s still gotta paint all these plastic injections!

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Got mine inventoried. Missing 'lady with broom' from Townsfolk I and I've got no Box #5 of paints (and two of Box #7). That's it. I've only got a few that will need boiling, one that needs regluing and a shield with a hand that I need to find the owner (and reglue it). All in all, out of some 400+ minis, that's a pretty fantastic error rate.

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