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I am finishing up the exclusive Fiasco PlaySet based around this year's ReaperCon theme of the Dark Carnival. Here's a teaser of the cover that my brother so kindly put together for me.


There will be four official opportunities to play: twice on Friday and twice on Saturday. Be sure to show up promptly as we had tables fill almost immediately last year. I will also likely be walking around the Con with materials in hand for "unsanctioned" games.


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Since details to some of the games are being released, I figured I would set the scene for our Fiasco! this year. Witness the score behind The Carnival De Extraordinare!



The Carnival of Lost Souls


It's the year 1895 and Drachen & Grimm have arrived in a darker, more

industrial vision of London. With them, they bring their dark carnival.

Rumors abound that the festival is not of our world, and that a dark secret

hides in the shadows beyond the spotlights.


Mayhem and death have befallen the cities and towns in the wake of the

dark carnival. Following the carnival are those who seek to save the

innocent, gain revenge for the lost, or steal the cryptic secrets behind

Drachen & Grimm’s nether-worldly powers.


Beware the fair as ticket to the carnival may cost you more than a few

pennies, it could cost you your soul!


And remember, this game is not run by any kind of storyteller. I simply give you the tools, and you craft your own morbid tale.

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I had the inestimable pleasure of playing alongside the Real Wayne Newton last year. I definitely need to get in on one of these games, sanctioned or otherwise.


Well, I plan to have my gear on me at all times for pickup games. I'll even bring some extra playsets so that people can pick and choose if they have time for a pickup game.

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Okay, I believe I have all my materials in order. Just printed the new playset and got everything packaged and ready to go... and I don't even have my first table until Friday! I plan to simply enjoy the con tomorrow, but I do plan on having all of the Fiasco stuff with me, nevertheless.

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I want to thank the few, dedicated people who came out to Ice Base Echo to play Fiasco! this year.


I loved watching Ofilia succumb to her laudanum addiction while the Cannibal Cannonball mutated into a horrible beast. Meanwhile, I'm sorry that Earl never got his beloved combine, but at least Myrtle got that old abandoned farm torn down.


Maybe next year ReaperCon will be once again unified, and we'll see a bit more action out at the gaming tables.

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I had the inestimable pleasure of playing alongside the Real Wayne Newton last year. I definitely need to get in on one of these games, sanctioned or otherwise.


You know, I notice you live in Dallas, and it just so happens that "The Real Wayne Newton" lives right around the corner from me. We should get together for a Fiasco on some lazy Saturday.

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Thanks again for hosting the games -- I also had a blast with this introduction to Fiasco! I'll be picking up my own copy of the game thanks to this great experience.


Alchemical brain agitators are the wave of the future!

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I have submitted Carnival De Extraordinare to Bully Pulpit Games. If they wish to publish it on their site, then I will immediately link it here. If they are uninterested in it, then I will host it myself and share it on the forum, as well.

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      We are very excited to be able to come back and participate at ReaperCon again this year!
      There are a ton of new releases that will be in-stock at the show and a couple of other special items.

      Bombshell Miniatures presents the 2021 Golden Maelee Award. This is a Sponsored Award section of the annual Reaper Master Series Open Painting Contest. All entries will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bombshell Dog Tag depending on the level of painting and presentation of each entry. The brand new, larger, Golden Maelee trophies will be awarded to the top three paint jobs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) depending on the number of entries.

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      Hey its buc. I have run games of Rangers of Shadowdeep at Reapercon and the Reaper online conventions. Is there enough interest for me to run Rangers of Shadowdeep at Reapercon in person this year? Would it be better to put my effort into Stargrave and or Frostgrave?
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