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April's Monstrocity Challenge begins

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I think if I get around to this, I'll set the scene first and then write the story to match, for my end that'll be much easier given I can make do with what I have on hand then.


Not to mention 'setting the scene' should be provide a nice muse for the story.


Is there a character limit on the story? Or a minimum words?

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I made the mistake of telling my fiancee about this one, and how it could tie into the noir scene I was planning for the forum contest...now she's egging me on because she really likes the idea. I'm something of a Lovecraft fan, but I've never written a short story before. Nor have I painted anything approaching the style I want to do. Nor have I ever done modelling/diorama ever.


So another one that sounds awesome but I don't really see happening.

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I just grabbed the complete Lovecraft collection for my e-reader. I'm not quite sure where to start, but I'll see if I get inspired. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Also, would this challenge be compatible with medieval/fantasy era or does it have to be more like 1920s?

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