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April's Monstrocity Challenge begins

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Im a big Lovecraft fan, but not a writer...

Here are some old pics from a skirmish game ive played called Strange Aeons. They are not an entry, just posting to give you guys some inspiration or ideas lol.

Here are some creatures... a shoggoth, dimensional shambler, nightgaunt, snake man, deep one, etc..


Some cultists of the Cult of the Ever Embracing Tentacle hanging out at a deep wood's shack...


Some heroes (Threshold Agents) to combat the threats...Luke the adventurer, Nina the Archeologist, Ben the tramp steamer sailor, and Jeb the local back woods moonshiner and civilian contact.


Cairo Division heroes...Luke the adventurer, Ali the local scholar, and Hans the german cargo pilot.


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@Wolfie907- Very nice indeed. I would love to see more pictures. How did the short story turn out?



It appears that not everyone was as eager to work on this as you have. Also, I have yet to receive anything for the short story portion of this challenge from anyone. As of right now I am closing this challenge due to a lack of participation. Those that have submitted will recieve points for their efforts when I have a chance to calculate everything.

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