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Bombshell Babes Dusty Paige sculpted by Patrick Keith

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I received my Bombshell Babes from Patick's Kickstarter and I must say I love the miniatures. I backed the kickstarter when I saw Dusty's concept art, so once I got them I wanted to paint her up. To help me stay motivated and to get some advice I figured I would make a WIP.


So here she is as out of the box



She had some flash and minor mold lines to take care, but overall her details are perfect for the sculpt.


Since she is overall simple I hope to have her finished up fairly quickly at least for me. I will try to show the mistakes I make also if I remember to snap a photo of it, to help some of the newer painters that have joined the forums as I know I learn from others when they share there mistakes. Which right away I started with missing some flash after I had her primed and glued to her base. I noticed it so I took to shaving it off with my scalpel and applying brush on sealer to help even it out.


If you look close in this picture you can see the flash on her left hand by the fingers and the uneven spots on her coat by her left leg.



Here is the after picture you can see the bare metal covered by sealer, I also put some super glue on her right collar to even out a soft mold line I missed also.


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I usually plan out my color scheme as I am terrible at color theory and without preplanning I end up disappointed with my choices. For Dusty it was easy I plan to use the art card color scheme.



The first actual painting step for all my minis is quite boring but necessary. I take a dark color which goes with the colors selected and block it in anywhere I am afraid I will forget about while painting or hard to reach area. This step helps me cut down on having white primer showing in an inconvenient spot later on.



I started with her skintone today and I tried out a new color scheme for fair skin rather than my normal, I hope to have a softer skintone for her than some of my male miniatures, so I am using Vallejo basic skintone as her basecoat.



After a few coats I let it dry completely and start to work her shadows and highlights. Here is a photo of my palette with the colors I used.



The lightest highlight is Vallejo's pale sand mixed with basic skintone down to my basecoat, for the shading I added Vallejo's beige red with a little Reaper Master Series chestnut brown for the darkest shade. I forgot to take a photo of my palette when the paints were fresh so some of the colors are a bit hard to see in the photos correctly.

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This photo shows where I blocked in my skin shadows and highlights I went too large with the highlighted area and need to bring back in a middle color I went ahead and used Reaper's Chestnut brown to block in the lips also.



I started to work her skin a bit more and began to add in her eyes, taking photos of eyes is harder than painting them. I took Reaper's brown liner and laid down the oval then used Reaper's polished bone to do the white parts.



I painted her iris with brown liner and put a white reflection dot and also layered a few lighter colors onto her lips. Her lips will likely get glazed with a light pink or red after I paint some of her clothing and decide what color would look best to glaze with.



And the final picture most likely until this weekend as this week looks busy for me is just a photo with her hair basecoated with Reaper's blonde shadow.



Would love to hear what you guys think so far and if I should revisit anything before moving on for now.


Hopefully the photos are good enough for a WIP as I didn't set up a light box and just shot them quickly.


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Awesome! Thank's for sharing this. I liked the tip and the photograph showing how you ran dark paint in areas that might be a pain later if you missed the tiniest spot.


I got Cavegirl, P. Patrol, Delzira, and Swordmaiden, as well as the freebie Dr. Helen of course. I suspect mine will have to wait a little bit to get painted. I have to finish carving out a dedicated painting area, then knock the dust off what are VERY old and rusty skills that frankly never were anything like as good as the techniques I'm seeing here. I hope to get to a point I feel like I can put some paint on them without disgracing the piece. They are just too nice to mess around with. The little cat that came with the P. Patrol fig, and Cavegirl's tiny dino have wonderful detail, especially considering their miniscule size.

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Thanks everyone for all the kind comments and motivation. For everyone waiting the figures are worth the wait and I imagine everyone will be quite happy.


@Matbar I got the sidekicks and I agree the detail is great especially for how small some are. I almost got P. Patrol just for the cat, but I can always buy her later. I always worry about painting my more beautiful minis also but I always have more fun painting the ones I have been really looking forward to that's why I jumped right in on Dusty. Good luck with painting yours and I can't wait to see some photos of them.


After spending some more time looking at the artwork, I am thinking about changing her hat to be more like the brown on her vest with a lighter brown trim for the band or will the pants look too out of place with a brown hat. What does everyone here think?

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Lovely work so far; gorgeous skintones! I can't wait to get mine, should be here just in time for me to leave the box closed on a table as I dash out for Rcon.


I like the hat black, as it is in the art...but if you were to use the reddish brown of her vest, I would consider making the band black (essentially reversing the hat/band colors of the artwork), or making the band the same color as the bandanna (but I think that orange wouldn't work as well directly overlapping that brown; I personally like the first option more).

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