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Working on my next project, some lizardmen. These will eventually see use around a gaming table, if I ever get a gaming group.




So far just the basecoats on the scales are done. The main body is painted in a mix of three drops grass green to one drop breonnie blue. The belly scales were first painted with three drops oiled leather to one drop sun yellow, and then given a midtone of one-to-one oiled leather and sun yellow. I'll probably go pure sun yellow for the highest highlight, and maybe put a red wash into the crannies.


Not sure about the rest, but I'm thinking a drybrush with some bloodstone might be nice.

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I used GW carroburg crimson in the nooks and crannies of their belly scales to bring things out, and then used a three to one mix of sun yellow and oiled leather, followed by pure sun yellow on the highlights. I think they came out not too badly. I drybrushed bloodstone over the green scales and highlights. I'll be adding in a green or a blue wash (haven't decided yet) to bring the details out a bit further, and then I think the scales are mostly finished. There'll be touch-ups as I paint other areas, but the basic job is done.

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All right, this should finish me for the night.




All the wood was done with four parts rainy grey, one part intense brown. I find it does a good "dead wood" look, especially with a walnut brown wash. For more rotten wood, just add more rainy gray. Bone was done with Ushbati bone, with an agrax earthshade finish.




Trying to get the spearhead to look like obsidian. Not entirely convincing, but it'll do for tabletop. If anyone has any suggestions for making it better, though, I won't say no...




I thought it would be fun to have bone arrow shafts. I'm sure this is wildly impractical in real life, but it'll do for fantasy.


Not sure yet what color to go for on the spines. Might go with a nice bright read. Maybe do some freehand stripes on their sides and backs, though they really don't have enough side to make it worthwhile.


For the leather on the archer, I'm not sure yet. I might make it look reptilian, or I might make it look like human skin. Some tanned skin and oiled leather should do a decent job there. Not sure if I'm up to freehanding a tattoo to really drive the point home.


Also gonna look up turtle shells for spearlizard's shield.

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Bit further along. Spikes are all done. It isn't showing up really well in this picture, but the purple glaze is on the spearhead. Might actually give it another quick go-over to bring it out a bit more. Leather has all been given a basecoat of tanned shadow. I'll work it up from there, make it look like human skin. Still haven't decided on whether or not to try the tattoo. Cloth bits have been done in a mix of ruddy leather and blood red. I also gave their green scales a quick highlight of three parts sun yellow to one part Christmas wreath. Tongues were painted with blood red.




Here you can get a good look at the turtle shell shield. I started off by lining it with sandy brown. Then I basecoated the scutes with a one-to-one mixture of walnut brown and Christmas wreath. Shaded up from there with a three-to-one Christmast-to-walnut mix, then added some sun yellow to get up to the highlights, eventually using pure sun yellow for the highest bits. Then I used made some spots on the scutes with blood red.

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Home stretch now. Finished highlighting the leather. I started trying to draw a tattoo on the leather strap, but it wasn't turning out right, so I just turned it into abstract designs. I've got 'em pretty well based, and added some water effects to make it look swampy. I should've built everything else up more before adding the water, but it gives the basic idea, and I'll know how to do it better next time.


Teeth were given some linen white, as were the eyes, and the pupils are cheats. I used a micron pen. I'll let the water effects dry, maybe add a quick wash on the teeth, and then I'll seal 'em and give them a proper photograph.

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      *  Blending the chest to the arms was fun to try.  I'd wanted to do wet blending, but this was an easy one to do as a warm up.  Blended Khaki to Refractive Green.  Win!
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      * Chest needs more definition.  The separation between the pectoral muscles could be drawn further.  How?
      As always - open to some feedback!  

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