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Goblin Sitcom Pilot


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I've decided I'm going to paint over the translucents, despite the fact that they were translucent being the very thing that made me jump in on the kickstarter.


You are a complicated goblin


And no one understands me but my woman.

Possibly because she has 5 heads.

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Yeah, but we win every Couple's Game Night. I mean, there are plusses. Scrabble is her favourite, she likes to put down really weird words and try to trick people into saying them.


"Nyamonaton? That's not a real word!"


*flash of brimstone and fire*


Nyamonaton: "Who dares summon me?"


*point at player who spoke*


Nyamonaton: "You have no thaumaturgic circle protecting you! You will serve as my minion in the 6th Layer! Mwahahahahaha!"






Me: "Soooo . . . anybody want more chips n' dip?"


*wife of abducted player bursts into tears*

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Just for a moment, take a deep breath and try to imagine what being nagged by that is like.




And each one makes its own separate honey-do list.


I'd get a divorce, but I can't afford 5X alimony.


And this is the nice version you married. Now... imagine the MOTHER-IN-LAW


dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!!

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