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Bones: Frequently Asked Questions - Unofficial!

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That's a lot of useful information. Thanks for the FAQs. Just one little nitpick, could you bold the questions? It's kind of hard to pick out questions if you were skimming for a certain answer. Thanks. :)

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I forgot that there were some formatting options here on the forums. I will go through and do that, thanks for the idea!

AWESOME! Now it's much easier for my eyes to skim through. :)


So if we have questions/answers, do we just throw them at you by posting here?

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More question and answers from random threads:


“The little Dungeon Attack rats have almost no detail or texture to them. There's no real fur texture, no teeth sticking out, etc. There's really very little there to paint.”

Try slapping on a base coat to one, then drybrush it. The texture should be there. One problem with unpainted Bones is that they are ever so slightly translucent, so light tends to feather out (for lack of a better phrase) at the edges. It looks like there's no detail, but once you start slinging paint on to 'em the detail shows up.


“And 2 more with paint jobs so bad that I need to redo from start. Speaking of that is it possible? “

Simple Green is an environmentally-friendly cleaner you might be able to find at a hardware store. If you submerge a mini in this for a while (few hours to a day) then you can strip the paint right off. Scrub it with an old toothbrush (don't mix the two up, SG tastes horrible and is kind of burny) and then rinse under warm water. The Bones may have some residual staining from the colour, but otherwise will be good to go for another try.

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I haven't tested any sealers yet. I have a couple, but sealers are not one of the supplies I've collected en masse as I usually paint display figures and don't seal them (or just use Dullcote/brush-on sealer). Painted Bones seem durable enough that I haven't been too worried about sealing them, though probably I should put something on there. The main issue would be flexibility is my guess. You want a sealer that flexes with the material or it's likely to cause more problems than it solves.

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Has anyone tried white glue as a primer? (PVA Glue, Elmer's glue, etc., but NOT the water soluble Elmer's school-kid variant.)


Some historical gamers used to do that to those tiny, plastic 1/72nd figures which were notorious for allowing paint to peel away. They claimed it put a tough, flexible, durable clear shell around the figure that accepted and held paint well.

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