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I put together a few documents related to using Bones. I've submitted these to the Craft section of the website, but as it may be a little while before Reaper has the time available to add them, Bryan

Brown liner for life, yeah!

I suspect this is highly unlikely to occur, for a few different reasons. Most of those are manufacturing. Reaper makes their paint in house, but the equipment and set up to make bottled paint vs canne

Posted Images

Are you experiencing this and testing on a single figure, or this was a batch you prepared in the same way? All my testing was with Bones straight out of the blister and unwashed. For personal use, I have been washing the Bones with dish soap and have not experienced problems like you describe. There was a fellow who posted a thread having problems with one particular figure in his collection, but he has not confirmed whether he continued to have problems if he tested on a few others. There are a few tips and ideas in that thread you could read through, also. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50633-working-with-rolf-the-bones-werewolf-sharing-some-lessons-learned-seeking-advice/


I believe there are some variations in the material mix so it's possible that an oddity will pop up here and there. If it's happening on a number of the figures, it might also be possible it relates to your cleaning method? Did you clean all of your figures that way or do you still have some that you haven't washed yet? If the latter, you could try cleaning one or two with just dish soap and see if it behaves differently, or even just try painting directly onto an unwashed one. If the former, you could try pouring some dish soap right on one of the figures and giving it a good scrub with a brush. If your citrus cleaner was anything like Goo Gone, it might take a bit of doing to get all of it off and maybe that film is interfering with the paint adhesiion?


Do you mount the mini on a holder when you paint? If you hold the figure directly when you paint, you're depositing your own skin oils on it that can sometimes interfere with paint, and you're also rubbing the paint before it has time to completely adhere. Acrylic paint is dry to the touch within seconds/minutes, but takes a bit longer than that to cure to full strength of adhesion.



I hadn't read that thread before, but it remarkably mirrors my experiences.


This is the first whole figure I've painted from the KS set. Other than that, I've only done some quick paint checks on the bottom of various bases. And yes, I did put my entire KS package through the same cleaning process... and yes, I was getting worried I had ruined the whole batch, although I seem to have found at least a passable solution for now. My FLGS got their Undertaker shipment, so I picked up a few extra packs to use as "controls", but the quick-checks I did on them so far have not given noticeably different results.


I'll write up more of my test cases when I have more time and energy, but for now, here's the short version of my success story:


- Stripped with Simple Green, complete with a follow-up wash in soap and water.

- Brushed on a coat of Testor's Model Master Acryl Gray Primer (#4680), and let it dry overnight.


After that, the paints seemed to stick much better, although I am still having bits rub off on the edges. Yes, I do just hold the model in my hands, and I'm sure that isn't helping, but I have never had this much trouble on any figure before. Incidentally, I'm not a "newbie" painter; I'm no expert or world-class trophy winner, but I've painted up my fair share of minis over the years, so I have a lot of experience to go along with my bad habits. ;)


On that note, what do you use as a holder for Bones? Aren't they hard to remove if you superglue them to something?


- H8

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I took some pictures, but can't seem to find my photo software anywhere at the moment (I just reloaded this machine). Here is the previous link where I asked questions, and pictures. These are not Bones, but effect is the same.





And a great article on another forum.




Hope these help you guys (and ladies) out.


@Hatemonger I use a wooden spool with poster tack for holding my Bones and metal minis.

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  • Artists

@Hatemonger - You might try on one or two of the ones you just did the Simple Green/soap wash on or one that you've just washed with soap and water. If you end up just having a few problem ones in the batch, you can probably contact [email protected] about whether it would be possible to get replacements for those.


I'm trying to remember if I've super-glued a Bones to a holder for painting, but I have a terrible memory. I've certainly done it with other minis, and used a flat bladed sculpting tool I have to pop the figure off the holder. But I've also used double-sided tape (the thick carpet tape works best, but for Bones just the scotch tape style even works as they're so light). Good poster tack also works, though can work a little better on slotta bases as there is more to grip. I think I've heard of people using hot glue, but I don't have a hot glue gun to test that out myself. I will try to test using superglue to tack down a Bones and see if I can pop it off.


For the holders, I've used or seen used various things over the years, including old prescription bottles or vitamin bottles (you can weight them with pennies or something), dice cubes, Pro Paint tubs, lengths of dowel, wooden spools you can get in the wood section of a craft store. Basically anything that feels comfortable in your hand with a flat top. Once you try it you'll probably wonder how you did without it. Makes it so much easier to orientate the mini so you can get into those weird crevices and such.

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I tested supergluing a Bones to the plastic lid of a prescription bottle tonight. After I finished painting it I slide the blade of a hobby knife in between the Bones and the lid and the figure popped off no problem.

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  • Artists

The supergluing worked out pretty much how I thought it would (which was just fine) and similarly to when I've done the same thing with metal minis.


Poster tack differs wildly in stickiness and effectiveness. I've had some very disappointing ones. The brand I'm using is discontinued, I ordered several packs when I found that out. I know there are others that work well that other people use, I just haven't had to shop around on that for years so I don't have a specific one to recommend unfortunately. :-<

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so far I've been using sticky tack and a wooden dowel (as opposed to a cork, i tend to grip pretty tight it seems) with varied success. models that I bother to base I just clip my hemostats to the underside of the base and that suits me just fine.

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@Starminer: Here's Hyun's gesso as primer article reprinted: http://miniaturereview.blogspot.com/p/priming-with-acrylic-gesso.html


Seriously, Bones does not need primer. IIRC, the OP says you can slap on paint and use that as your undercoat. I've read *plenty* of posts where XYZ primer leaves a tacky surface and, iirc, *no* posts where plain ol' hobby and craft paint does the same. Of course, I also know several Reaper KS Bones backers who are giving away the miniatures and otherwise experimenting on them, so it's not like you shouldn't test how well your square peg fits into the round hole.


Here's what I do:

1. Trim flash with a jeweler's engraver.

2. Wash Bones in very hot soapy water. Unbend.

3. Hold bendy Bones under running cold water. (If ice water is more convenient, do that.)

4. Trim flash with a jeweler's engraver. Because you will miss flash.

5. Sticky tack miniature on a painting pot. Use big gob.

6. Slop on runny black Apple Barrel craft paint. Because shadows.

7. Trim flash with a jeweler's engraver. Because you will miss flash.

8. Drybrush grey craft paint. Zenithal whatever.

9. Trim flash with a jeweler's engraver. Because you will miss flash.

10. Dust white craft paint. Zenithal whatever.

11. Trim flash with a jeweler's engraver. Because you will miss flash.

12. Wash in black (optional). Shows details.

13. Trim flash. Ignore white spots, or color black or white or grey. You're just going to paint over it, anyway.


Oh, and it's easy to miss the flash on these Bones until after painting, so might as well find it during this prep stage.

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Oh, and it's easy to miss the flash on these Bones until after painting, so might as well find it during this prep stage.


Painfully true. I finally painted my Young White Dragon (one of my first bones) and missed all of the flash. I didn't see any of it until I went to edit the pictures I took.

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Has anyone tried using tan / ochre as an undercoat (followed by a brown wash)? I normally wash in brown ink, but that doesn't work well directly on Bones, and figure that I'd try something besides white, at least for my Swamp Things. I'm thinking that ochre is closer than white to browns, and, when glazed, makes yellow look more organic. It's still light enough that I can paint white on it without having to apply it thickly.

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Here's a simple one for you.  Painted the Great Worm as a Purple Worm to the surprise of no one.

      More Photos Below the Spoiler:
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi everyone.  I've been thinking a lot about color while painting recently.  It's been a major motivation for some of my more recent projects.  I wanted to talk about some of the things I've been doing and hoped that some of you would share your thoughts about color choice as well.

      First of all, my paint collection is fairly modest.  Probably around 50.  But I'm a firm believer that you don't need a ton of different paints.  I add paints periodically to fill gaps - especially colors that I find myself struggling to mix well (purple continues to be a struggle and I need some better options).
      I love the Reaper Triads - they're a great way to expand a collection and get colors that behave well together.  Also a great way to teach newer painters the philosophy behind layering.  For awhile I was running with the philosophy that I wanted to avoid mixing more than two colors at once.  Especially because it's harder to duplicate.  I was using the triads a lot as a guide while painting.
      However, I have recently pushed away from using triads.  I have been playing around with more limited palettes.  Not exactly the 3 color challenge, but just really considering whether or not I need to grab a new bottle, or if I can mix what I want using something I already have.  With this philosophy, the triads clash.  So I definitely find myself grabbing the midtones most often.

      I've been thinking of this as "mindfully limited palette."  Sometimes I grab the colors I know I want ahead of time, other times I'll grab a new color as I go.  Typically this involves a black and a white and then 5 or less unique colors.  Often a red, blue, yellow, and brown.  Though not necessarily the purest versions of those colors.  I might choose a greener blue.  Or a brownish red.

      There's two ways I've been playing with this.  One is by leaning into a more monochromatic palette.  I have found it really fun and challenging to try to imagine the setting a mini is in and reflecting that environment in the color choices of the mini.  It's also a fun challenge to make many different shades and tones using similar colors.  This is what I had in mind while painting this Ice Witch, and Swamp Skeleton.

      The other way I have been playing with these limited palettes is to try for a more unified tone, but not necessarily monochrome.  There's a painting theory behind a "mother color" where you mix a bit of one color into every other color on your palette.  While I haven't gone that far, I have found that reusing colors, even in different mixes, helps unify the piece.  Just like balancing colors across the mini.  I don't have as many good photos of this, as my best examples are the most recent minis I've been working on - really pushing color variety while using limited paints.  This Kobold is sort of like that, though he definitely is a bit more monochromatic.  I'll have to come back and add my more colorful examples.

      What kind of color theory and challenges have you been playing with to motivate and push your painting?  Please feel free to share photo examples.  This has been a major source of excitement and motivation in my painting recently and I feel it's really improving my results.  I would love to see what everyone else is doing!
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Couldn't find a better thread to post this in.  Has anyone else ever had mold grow on their minis?
      I have a set of bones that have been sitting around for about two year. They were super glued to a reaper base. Baking soda and super glue were used to blend the integrated base into the round base. There's also a layer of cheap craft paint as primer.
      These guys have been sitting on my painting table in a former sun-room for about two years. 
      I noticed the bases had yellowed a bit, which I've begun to notice on some of my other older bases using baking soda as a basing material. But when I checked on them I noticed small fuzzy looking orange tufts. 
      I can only assume this is mold.
      The only things I could think of to cause this are the baking soda or the water used to clean my brush before priming. 
      Has anyone else seen this?

    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hello again!  I'm back with an assortment of Bones that are serving as my Rangers of Shadow Deep solo party.  Decided I wanted a classic fantasy look, but didn't want to fall into the cliched green cloak look.  With that stipulation, I settled on a more autumnal color palette, and tried to keep this aesthetic across the entire party, without anyone looking like they were wearing matching uniforms.  I'm pretty pleased with the results and I tried to push myself with each mini.  What do you think?

      More Photos and Thoughts Beneath the Spoiler:
      I have only played a few scenarios of Rangers of Shadow Deep, and I'm honestly not sold on the whole solo-game thing.  But if the game has done anything for me, it has given me motivation to paint more and has given purpose to some of the things I already have painted.  I already ordered some extra gnolls and ghouls to meet the required numbers and will likely be showing off some monsters soon.
      Which character do you like best?
      What games have motivated you to paint those piles of shame?
      Feel free to share your own photos!
    • By SamuraiJack
      Some of these came back as other numbers, but but the rest won't be brought back by Reaper and some might be present in other paint lines.  
      (Twilight Triad 9727)
      9079 Deep Amethyst
      9080 Indigo Sky
      9081 Pale Indigo - mix equal portions of Imperial Purple and Sky Blue
      (Colored Liners Triad 9738)
      9112 Red Liner - Reaper 9307 (Discontinued now)
      9113 Green Liner - Reaper 9308
      9114 Violet Liner - Reaper 9237 (Discontinued now)
      (Muted Purples Triad 9740)
      9118 Dusky Grape
      9119 Bruise Purple - Reaper 9326 (Bones 5)
      9120 Faded Purple
      (Clear Brights III Triad 9744)
      9130 Clear Orange - Lava Orange 9218 and Explosion Orange 9219
      9131 Clear Viridian - Peacock Green 9226 (Discontinued now)
      9132 Clear Plum - Royal Purple 9240
      (Blush Colors Triad 9747)
      9139 Antique Rose - KS Old West Rose
      9140 Blushing Rose
      9141 Porcelain Rose
      (Historic Blues Triad 9751)
      9151 Steely Blue
      9152 Military Blue - Reaper 9269 (Discontinued now)
      9153 Weathered Blue
      (Desert Camos Triad 9752)
      9154 Dune Shadow
      9155 Desert Khaki
      9156 Desert Sand
      (Mist Greens Triad 9756)
      9166 Shadow Green - Reaper 9270 (Discontinued now)
      9167 Field Green
      9168 Mist Green
      (Terracotta Clays Triad 9757) - Redstone Triad 9775 (Discontinued now)
      9169 Muddy Clay
      9170 Terracotta Clay
      9171 Fired Clay
      (Cold Greys Triad 9758)
      9172 Stormcover Grey
      9173 Coldstone Grey
      9174 Icy Grey - KS Aircraft Grey (slightly greener)
      (Volcano Browns Triad 9760)
      9178 Cinder Brown
      9179 Volcano Brown - Reaper 9268 (Discontinued now)
      9180 Ashen Brown - Reaper 9327
      (Tropical Colors Triad 9761)
      9181 Bright Coral
      9182 Saffron sunset - Reaper 9247
      9183 Cloud Pink - Reaper 9286 (Discontinued now)
      (Reptilian Greens Triad 9762)
      9184 Serpentine Shadow
      9185 Reptus Green
      9186 Scaly Highlight
      (Sandy Colors Triad 9764)
      9190 Sandy Brown - Reaper 9249 (Discontinued now)
      9191 Sandy Tan
      9192  Sandy Yellow
      (Sea Blues Triad 9765)
      9193 Stormy Sea
      9194 Clouded Sea
      9195 Seafoam Blue
      (Humanoid Skintones Triad 9768)
      9202 Troll Shadow - MSP Stained Olive 29838 (Discontinued now)
      9203 Gnoll Brown
      9204 Halforc Highlight
      (Reaper Ink II Triad 9771)
      9211 Green Ink
      9212 Blue Ink
      9213 Purple Ink 
      (Spring Greens Triad 9749)
      9145 Moth Green - Reaper 9248
      9146 Spring green - Reappearance at RCon 2015
      9147 Luminous Green - Reaper 9248 + 1 drop of white
      (Redstone Triad 9775)
      9223    Redstone Shadow
      9224    Redstone
      9225    Redstone Highlight
      (Bright Skintones Triad 9716) 
      9232    Bright Skin Shadow
      9233    Bright Skin
      9234    Bright Skin Highlight
      (Shading Colors Triad 9779)
      9235    Red Shadow
      9236    Green Shadow
      9237    Violet Shadow
      (Dusky Skin Triad 9784) 
      9250    Dusky Skin Shadow
      9251    Dusky Skin
      9252    Dusky Skin Highlight

      (Evening Colors Triad 9789)
      9265    Deep Twilight
      9266    Violet Light
      9267    Sunset Purple
      (Neutral Bone Triad 9791)
      9271    Dirty Bone
      9272    Graveyard Bone
      9273    Splintered Bone
      (Western Colors Triad 9795)
      9283    Old West Rose
      9284    Lone Star Leather
      9285    Denim Blue
      (Chronoscope Colors Triad 9797)
      9291    IMEF Olive
      9292    Bathalian Chitin
      9293    Alien Flesh
      (CAV Colors Triad 9799)
      9295    MSP Core Colors: Rach Red
      9296    MSP Core Colors: Malvernian Purple
      9297    MSP Core Colors: Adonese Green
      (Partial and non Triad colors)
      9073    Chestnut Gold
      9093    Golden Highlight
      9121    Khaki Shadow
      9142    Stained Ivory
      9157    Olive Shadow
      9159    Worn Olive
      9175    Swamp Green
      9177    Camouflage Green
      9210    Red Ink
      9220    Olive Skin Shadow
      9222    Olive Skin Highlight
      9226    Peacock Green
      9229    Worn Navy
      9230    Soft Blue
      9238    Regal Purple
      9244    Muddy Soil
      9249    Sandy Brown
      9268    Volcano Brown
      9269    Military Blue
      9270    Shadow Green
      9277    Spattered Crimson
      9278    Gory Red
      9282    Maggot White
      9286    Punk Rock Pink
      (Heavy Gear paints)
      RPR 61101 Terra Nova Tundra (Possible alternative: NMM gold?)
      RPR 61102 Macallen Brown
      RPR 61103 Redrider Crimson
      RPR 61104 Dune Shadow
      RPR 61105 Mekong Moss
      RPR 61106 Giant Fern
      RPR 61107 Okavango Swamp
      RPR 61108 Republique Red
      RPR 61109 Armadillo Tusk 
      RPR 61110 White Sand
      RPR 61111 Paxton Red
      RPR 61112 War Paint Red
      RPR 61113 Arthurian Blue 
      RPR 61114 Blue Crescent
      RPR 61115 Atlantean Aqua
      RPR 61116 Coated Armor
      RPR 61117 Factory White (Ghost white + Blue Flame perhaps?)
      RPR 61118 Grel Flesh
      RPR 61119 Afterburn Grey
      RPR 61120 Hazard Yellow 
      RPR 61121 R.a.m. Black
      RPR 61122 Durasheet Alloy
      RPR 61123 Skunkworks Gunmetal
      RPR 61124 Beacon Yellow
      RPR 61125 Fallout Grey 
      RPR 61126 Ash Grey
      RPR 61127 Waveform Aquamarine
      RPR 61128 Gamma Shielding Gold
      RPR 61129 Cat's Eye Umber 
      RPR 61130 Cat's Eye
      RPR 61131 Red Dust
      RPR 61132 Drillbit Metal
      HD Line:
      29803    HD Entrail Pink    
      29804    HD Rusty Red    
      29805    HD Burning Orange    
      29807    HD Mustard Yellow    
      29810    HD Mossy Green    
      29814    HD Ice Blue    
      29816    HD Solid Blue    
      29817    HD Winter Blue    
      29818    HD Nightsky Blue    
      29821    HD Sunburn Flesh    
      29829    HD Golden Brown    
      29830    HD Ruddy Brown    
      29832    HD Concrete Grey    
      29833    HD Ash Grey    
      29834    HD Field Grey    
      29835    HD Dirty Grey    
      29836    HD Military Grey    
      29837    HD Armor Grey    
      29838    HD Stained Olive    
      29839    HD Maroon Red    
      29840    HD Garnet Red    
      29845    HD Gilded Yellow    
      29846    HD spruce Green    
      29848    HD Jungle Camo    
      29849    HD Umber Brown    
      29850    HD Elfin Flesh    
      29851    HD Tropical Aqua    
      29852    HD Dwarven Flesh    
      29853    HD Rosy Pink    
      29854    HD Arctic Grey    
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