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/sigh.. I have a box of bones I can't open

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That's exactly how I wound up with Boney M's Greatest Hits.


And I feel bad, because somewhere out there is some poor soul who was waiting to rock out to the fantastic funkaliciousness of Rasputin and got denied.


But that bad feeling only lasts until I get to Daddy Cool, and then I know it was the right decision.

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I once bought special edition CD on the release date in September to give as a gift in December. I assumed the product was complete and intact within the packaging. I was wrong. There was no disc! Imagine how smoothly it went when I showed up 3 months after buying a CD, claiming that there was no disc and that I want my money back.

It is your duty (by proxy) as a customer to ensure that the transaction is completed at your end within a reasonable time-frame. Your friend will murder you if don't. (I don't know russian law, but it might be within his legal rights).

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I'm a little surprised a friend had something ship to your house without telling you ahead of time and making sure it was okay. I probably would have just looked at the sender and started opening it, just presuming it was mine.

It sounds to me that the friend arranged it originally, but didn't let the OP know that they'd had the shipping notice, which is a lot more forgivable

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