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RMS HD blending/dilution


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Hi All,


I recently picked up both sets of RMS HD paints, and am so far loving the native flow and coverage of the paint. Adding a couple drops of water works perfectly to get the paint to go where I want it, but any more than that, or a couple drops of Slo-Dri goes very very poorly, and generally results in either a standard coverage, or a wash instead of a glaze or blendable layer.


In addition, I've been trying to work with a two-brush blending technique (brush 1 is paint, brush 2 is water and is used to feather the edge), and this is either spreading the layer instead of feathering, or, the inside of the painted area is feathing to nothing, and a ring of pigment is left behind that can't be thinned further.


Any thoughts or tips on what could be going on here and how to get effective blending transitions with the HD line?

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