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Thanks for all the responses guys ::):


I'm apprehensive about using spray paint. I don't have an airbrush, can't afford one, and don't have the space to set one up. So If I went the spray route, it'd have to be cans. But I've never liked spray painting and I reeeeeeeally don't want to ruin my Kaladrax or Nethyrmaul because I don't know wtf I'm doing.


Pingo, do you think the Golden Paints would work well for brush on basing?

It's how I use them, although to be fair never on a model as big as Kaladrax.


The chief issue I can see is that it may take more than one coat. Reaper paints are (I hear) the perfect consistency to just start painting onto the Bones. Other paints (like the Golden acrylics I use) have to have their texture adjusted with water or flow improver.


So far when I have painted a Bones figure I have had to lay down two coats of the base coat, letting the first one dry between coats, to deal with the slight beading of that first coat of paint. This is trivial on a small mini, but doubling the base coat painting time for something as big as Kaladrax is nothing to be sneezed at. Mind you, it won't add drying time because I'm reasonably certain by the time I get to the tail end of Kaladrax the nose end will be dry and ready to paint some more.


Like you I don't care for spray painting, so I am planning to paint my Kaladrax with brushes.


The benefits of spray painting over brushing are convenience, speed, and evenness of coat. The benefits of brush painting over spray painting are control and time to think and fix errors; the paint goes where you put it, and if something goes awry it can be fixed simply.


I don't know about other people, but for priming (and a very large scale base coat like this model will need) I prefer a larger (but still not too big) soft nylon filbert brush. The filbert shape is flat but with a rounded tip, sometimes called "cat's tongue," and is surprisingly versatile and delicate.

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I got lucky yesterday finding a local supermarket had their Krylon plastic primer on clearance for $3.15 a can..

Test that before you use it on big K. Bonding probably won't be an issue, cracking and thickness might very well be however!

I've also heard poor reviews of Krylon primer on Bones, the primer not drying and staying tacky most prevalent among them.

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I'd also recommend using an airbrush for the base coat. I use probably 1/2 or less paint to cover the same area when using an airbrush versus a brush. You might be able to borrow one from someone near by. You don't need much setup to use them -- I'm spraying into a modified cardboard box on my porch for example.


The colored spray primer is a good option as well.

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