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*sigh* Guess it is may then...


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Well that post got messed up...


Regardless, I think this is a very good lesson in business perception. Reaper might have their process under control, but it doesn't seem like anyone else does. Going to show that customer perception of one business can skew customer perceptions of a completely different company.


Illogical? Yes?

A real threat to your business's image? Absolutely.

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Actually, we get a lot of that here. I've discussed that fact several times, actually - how bad rep by other companies primes people to think of Reaper the same way, which is why when a problem comes up they expect it needs to be a fight.


Indeed, I fell victim to that very same kind of thinking. Nobody expects Reaper to be any different. It's sometimes quite a shock when it's discovered they are.

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$1 RACK LEVEL - Completed

$7 PRIMER LEVEL - Completed

$15 FUSE LEVEL - Completed

$20 CASING LEVEL - Completed

$25 CHARGE LEVEL - 2 Remaining

$30 IGNITOR LEVEL - Completed

$55 DETONATOR LEVEL - 1 Remaining

$75 BOMB KIT LEVEL - 5 Remaining




I have to say, I'm getting a little nervous about receiving anything from the latter at this point. A week ago, Bombshell said they've almost shipped everything (single digits not shipped), but so far nothing has shown up at my door.

Much of Bombshell has shipped, *except* pledges which included the rocketbike, which AFAIK they are waiting on from the caster. I got mine (no rocketbike), my husband is waiting on his (includes rocketbike).

And that's what has me worried, No rocketbike ordered here.

$100 BLAST LEVEL - 13 Remaining

$120 BARRAGE LEVEL - 6 Remaining

$140 INCENDIARY LEVEL - 1 Remaining

$150 NAPALM LEVEL - In progress

$170 PLASMA LEVEL - 8 Remaining

$200 NEUTRON LEVEL - In Progress

What level are you? The Napalm and Neutron levels they are starting this weekend and are about 350 of the 1200 pledges.

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Again my opinion, and if you don't sharte it: So be it.


Hope you all have a great day.

I was reading this and digesting all the information then we got the sharte. In my house my daughter (toddlers almost 3) just let loose various bodily functions at the same time which my wife and I have named. Anyway your post had me in tears because:


A S*it and a fart is a sharte - it leaves a little mess in their nappy, not a real poo but something you've got to change non the less.


A) Kickstarter is investing not ordering. As I understand it

B) pledge rewards, not orders, are being fulfilled

C) delivery times was an estimate

D) if you voice your opinions, publicly, then expect lots of other people's opinions

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What has peeved me most though is people reporting seeing all of the new Bones minis at various gaming conventions. These are not rumors on web forums, but people I know personally. You have it to show at conventions, then you have it to ship.

The only convention that I know the new Bones (as funded by the Kickstarter) have appeared for sale was PAX East on March 21st. Also, not all of the Vampire box Kickstarter minis were available at PAX East. The Kickstart Bones may have been shown at the GAMA convention just before that, but I don't know if there were any sold there since the convention is business to business trade conference.


The Kickstarter shipments started the following week. The original shipments were slightly later than originally planned due to the late arrival of Mr. Bones.


The original Bones have appeared at other conventions before, but these were available or already ordered before the Kickstarter.



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and this time it's not Buglip's fault for the thread drifting. He was the last one really on topic....frightening.



I do that every now and then just to throw people off.

Throw them off topic?

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My mind works on a level you hoomans can't even begin to understand. It's wheels within wheels, many of them squeaky and in need of oiling.


I believe that.



Back on topic. Yes, some Bones, from the Kickstarter where on display at a couple of conventions. Where any of the new sculpts avaliable for purchase by con goers? I don't know but I would not be surprised. Does it matter? So some person who went to a convention was able to buy a convention special release of a new sculpt before it got shipped. No reason to make a big deal out of it. You're still going to get yours, and unless you're name is Zachery Zane or something like that, you will probably get yours before someone else.

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This is for the whiners and complainers out there and not necessarily all for the op so don't think I'm picking on you specifically. ( I dont do that kind of thing) I think some things need to be put into perspective here. When you pledged for this kickstarter, you agreed to a certain dollar value pledge. In return for this Reaper said they would try to make some things happen, ie a ridiculous amount of figures for a comparatively small dollar amount. 18000 orders later they are doing exactly what they said they would try to do. There was no guarantee. This not the same as going online to Amazon or someplace else and placing an order.


There is a misunderstanding about kickstarters out there for those that dont regularly support them, and this is that they are guaranteed to provide the goal rewards if funded. You are supporting an idea that you feel is good and deserves your money. By doing this you are using your judgement on how the company performs normally, and trusting that you will get something out of it. Because of how this works, pledge rewards are secondary. There is no guarantee for any of this. It even says this on the kickstarter home page. Ask the people out there that have pledged large dollar amounts to different kickstarters and then either through mismanagement or unforeseen problems, the product was never finished, and noone received any money back, nor will they ever receive anything. What about kickstarters that did way less than this one (all of them except 3 or 4 in kickstarters history), that people are still waiting for figures for after a year to a year and a half, and have no clue if they will get any, other than a weak promise from the company that maybe they may get something in the future if the stars align and they get more funding from somewhere else?


I respect anyones right to speak out, but please educate yourselves before doing so and gain a little perspective. Reaper is one of the few good guy companies left in the market, and they care about customer service almost to a fault sometimes. They could just be ignoring complaints and keeping us in the dark like a certain company from the grim darkness of the far future does on a daily basis. Thankfully this is not the case,as Reaper bryan is always on here giving us updates. Complaining about having to wait extra time for something that only had an estimated shipping date to start with seems like a half baked thought process to me. Cheer up, we'll all have them soon!


And on another note! I ordered everything except paints and cases, in many cases double, thats right 2 BIG K's, and I regret NOTHING!!!!!!!! :blush:

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