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Beyond Heroquest for Bones

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For those familiar with Heroquest this should be pretty easy to read, for those who aren't, it may be a bit hard, but just give it a try. I'll include enough information to play without Heroquest assuming it gets somewhere.



Heroes will be essentially the same 4 basic classes that Heroquest initially had. There will be a Warrior, Rogue, Adept, and Wizard. There is no leveling in a normal sense, instead characters can spend X gold to buy new abilities. Abilities are located on a simple chart and you roll to see what you get. I know some won't like random, but some abilities are just better than others and I find its fun. You'll also have a selection of equipment that you can buy as one would expect, this will be expanded from Heroquests list.



The enemies are set up nearly identically to Heroquests, though I am giving them all a level as well as everything gets a special ability of some sort, the level is to help design encounter charts. Here is a look at the cards I had designed.


I might be able to arrange for these to have a POD source.

Rather then designing a bunch of quests and such, I'll leave that up to the GM, there are some many places to buy dungeon tiles and such, I'd rather not restrict it. And that would be a ton more work for me. I will help with some encounter charts though, so that if the players walk into a room, you can just roll and see what is in there. Using the leveled monsters it should be pretty easy to generate a generic one.



I'm not going to design tons of quests and such, though it would be pretty easy to make a room designation system, where a person can design a quest, and have Room A, 4 kobolds and 2 Dire Rats, and then when the GM builds his map, he can assign letters to the rooms he has to work with.



One of the ideas would be that players have a variety of towns they can access, each town will have different equipment and stuff to buy, different magic to learn, and different abilities to learn. Either the GM can control this or you could roll to see where you wind up between quests.



Well hopefully you can see what I am thinking, here is a a link to my Google Drive folder that has a large quantity of this information in more detail.




If anyone wants to help with the monster statting in particular, that one is gonna be a killer to do, I'd just ask that you are familiar with Heroquest and on board with how I am laying things out. Adding all the figures from Bones will be insanely difficult to do for one person. I am also fine with adding other figures from Reapers line-up, but that is far from priority.




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Have you played Warhammer Quest? Because a lot of what you're describing is featured in the game. Homebrewing some expanded rules for HeroQuest sounds awesome, but WHQ might be worth checking out at least for some inspiriation. The complete game cost a ton on ebay but I've managed to pick up individual rulebooks for minimal cost and as you say, tiles are easy to come by.

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I do have a lot of stuff for Warhammer Quest as I was trying to assemble a set. Yes, I will probably draw some concepts from that, and Descent, and Pathfinder, and every other game I have ever played.


Shogun, you will not need a copy of Heroquest to do this, you will want a rulebook, which you should be able to find online, there have been a few recreations of it, my favorite is Pheonixs version. I may attempt a full rulebook for it though. You will also need a set of Heroquest or Heroscape white dice, which will likely set you back about $5.


I don't suppose anyone wants to volunteer for doing monster stats, but also to fill in all the bones figures I didn't put in yet? I can grant you permission to edit my document, so that we can get everything sorted in there.


I'll try to get enough going to run a simple few quests to ensure everything needed is available, the only difficult thing will be a treasure deck. I could use a chart, but a card deck would be nicer as it gives me more control over the proportions and it is easier to alter. I am not going to bother with card backers or any of that stuff though as I imagine most people will sleeve everything.

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I'm setting up an introductory document to help people get started and give it a whirl. The plan is to create a a document that walks people through the essential mechanics and has enough game content to play a few games and see how leveling and such works. I don't plan on worrying about balancing the stuff myself, the reality is I am requiring a game master to do some leg work with not overpowering the heroes.

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This is a great idea! My son (5) is really into HeroQuest and I had thought about using the bones as minis - but I never thought about extending the game. It's a great idea, and I might be able to contribute some time to help out with it.

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Thanks for the props guys, it helps with the motivation. Pragma, if you want to spare some time, that'd be fantastic, even if you only did a handful of monsters, that's a handful I don't have to worry about. Essentially if I could get people to take 5 or 6 monsters and spread that out among 10 people, we'd have everything done in no time. I am going to spend my time right now kicking through equipment designs and such, as those are really needed for me to get anywhere.

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I tried finding heroquest in NZ and it was around $100. It was the first game i played of "rpg/fantasy"


I've got three sets of the base game plus Wizards of Morcar and two sets of Against the Ogre Horde, all bought off of Trade Me, and they didn't cost me that much for any one set. It was about six or seven years ago that I got most of it though, and I think demand has picked up a bit since then.

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Well, I have a few thoughts, how would we want to see the game book broken down? I have a fair amount of content and it's kinda jumbly. Do I need the game mechanics themselves, from Heroquest? Or is it fine to expect people to do a bit of legwork and download the rules elsewhere? You can get them free from a variety of sources (Including Hasbro's website for those concerned with legality, though they are poorly scanned)


I also realized it would be helpful to have the games original spell cards, but I could put the basic content in a little spell sheet and the characters with those abilities could just take the sheet.


Somethings I'm going to backburn, like different towns, I'll just start with one town and all it's necessary information, then if people enjoy it and make submissions I can then turn those into other town locations to visit.


What does the game need that isn't covered already, do we need a GM specific section with thoughts for balancing the dungeons and traps and things like that, or are people capable of either adding those on their own or winging it?

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