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After Hours Descent 2E


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I am going to be running Descent 2E after hours at the Hilton. We will be playing either in my room, or if we can find room in a more convenient place, I am flexible. There will be some drinking going on just so everyone is aware.


We will either be playing a slightly modified campaign, or a selection of encounters from both the base game and the expansion. It depends on the amount of players, and what everyone feels like doing. We will decide the first night and I will have premade/leveled characters if we decide to just do single encounters.


I plan on starting the games Wednesday night after the BBQ. Each night after the con is "officially" closed, we will give everyone plenty of time to eat, and we will meet up and get started.


If you would like to join us, please post here or PM me here on the forums.


I have room for 3 more players at the moment. New players are welcome, Descent 2E is VERY easy to learn, and I am more than willing to teach as we play. You will have the gist of the game by the end of the first encounter. No supplies are needed, I will have pencils and scratch papers, dice, minis, and characters sheets. Just bring a sense of humor and something to snack on/drink.


Anywho, please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting/seeing everyone at ReaperCon!

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I don't know that there will be any formal signups for most games, I am merely trying to gauge interest and trying to plan how I would like to run the games. You will likely do well just finding something you are interested in playing and making some new friends.


For the time being it looks like I have 1-2 slots left open now.


I have 7 encounters (+ the SHORT intro to teach everyone how to play) planned out that highlight the main campaign and should be fun and action packed, and we will also be adding in expansion content in the normal way. We will also be starting play on Wednesday night following the BBQ. I will be in the hotel lobby with a Reaper bag that evening about 1 hour after the BBQ has wound down. Anyone is welcome, and when the spots are filled, or when we get restless, we will find us a spot to setup and play.


I am excited to see everyone again, and I hope everyone has a blast at the con and after!

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I am in for Descent 2E if there is room available.


I am staying at the Hilton, but do not arrive until Thursday evening.


Not sure if there is anything else planned for that night (meet and greet or BBQ or the like). Does anyone know if there are evening events and where to find out when/where they are?


I may not get my kit until Friday Morning. Last year was my first time going and I missed a lot of the extras just because I was not in the loop.



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We would love to have you. Just keep an eye on this thread, I will post where we will be meeting up once I get the lay of the land.


As for evening events, the Meat and Greet is on Wednesday night. I know there are several games slated to run after hours but I don't think much has been set in stone. Saturday night is typically Hollwood Reaper Squares, but I haven't heard if they will be doing this again this year.

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