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Almanac of the Magi: Artifacts of Power volume 1


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Hey everybody, just wanted to give you all an update as to the happenings of the current projects over at the RPGStandard frontline.


Update #1: Due to some unforeseen events, the Pathfinder campaign setting project revolving around the miniatures from the recent Reaper kickstarter, has been put on hold. We have strong hopes that the project will resume in several months time, when we have our team back up to full manpower.


Update #2: With three of us still left working on projects, we have turned our sights to a smaller project, that we have been developing over that last couple months. This new project is for a book called the "Almanac of the Magi: Artifacts of Power volume 1", this volume will contain a wide variety of magical items, both beneficial and cursed. Ruling will ultimately be designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but will still be easily adaptable to other systems as well. With several months behind us in development, we are happy to announce the future launch of the kickstarter this summer. The volume will be fully illustrated, hopefully in color if we reach our goals. We have plans to take the volume up to several hundred pages, but the overall size, and content of the volume is solely up to our future backers.


Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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