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Baugi's Bones (& sundry)


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Changed gears from the marines posted above for now. Working on some Mantic ghouls and zombies (see my WIP thread), but I finished these a while ago and didn't have time to post anything up.


I'm a bit of a sucker for a bargain, and there's a FLGS nearby that seems to have an unending supply of discount-priced old, OLD GW stuff, so I've picked up a few things over the last few months, mostly for use in D&D, or to practice my painting.


The first thing I found there was a box of Night Goblins from some goblins vs. dwarves game. I figured since they're all cloaked, I could use them to test out different skin and cloth recipes. Here's the first:




Cloaks are, bottom to top, RMS Walnut, P3 Battlefield Brown, and RMS Intense brown, all mixed with linen white for highlights.

Skin is P3 Gnarls green basecoat, then RMS leaf green, mixed with a little RMS Clear Yellow for the nose, chin, and finger highlights.

Spearhead is RMS Adamantium Black, edged and shined up with Army Painter Plate Mail.

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Completed this guy between Lindir and Durin, but the basing took a while, and I had trouble convincing myself he was done.




P3 Beaten Purple, Army Painter Alien Purple RMS Nightshade Purple for body, P3 Sanguine Base and Highlight in the mouth (teeth are P3 menoth base and RMS linen white), Army Painter necrotic flesh and RMS linen white for the pustules. A variety of greys and washes for the stones.


Had to auto white balance in Gimp because it wanted to read the brown background as black, and the purples all came out much too blue at first.

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Apparently one weapon is a regular bolter, and the other a bolt pistol... which means that either way, I have 1 gun for 1 hand and nothing for the other hand for both guys... unless I just give them both 2 guns and say to hell with making them playable. Which is probably what I'll do. :ph34r:


Actually you'd be fine giving him both. As standard Chaos Marines come with a Bolter, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon so dual wielding is fine :)

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Thanks all (and thank you Anne for the lovely compliments! His eyes were actually some of the hardest I've ever worked with, being unusually shaped, and crammed under such massive eyebrows)! CW - Funnily enough, there are actually 8 browns on this mini, plus some custom mixes, and yet it never occurred to me to glaze red on the red-browns... I shall have to try this.



Now, I have been asked by a friend to paint some of his 40k minis, and I've got a few guys at a local game store that have shown an interest in paying me to paint up some of theirs as well. I have virtually no experience with GW minis (except I'm very slowly working through a box of 10 night goblins which I'm using for colour experiments) but I'm actually rather looking forward to painting up something a bit more sci fi than my usual fare. I popped into a local game store not long ago and bought a couple of old, cheap Chaos Space Marines (which is what he's asked me to do once his arrive) in order to get some practice. My questions for those in our community who play 40k and know the minis and "fluff" are as follows:

1) what are the expectations for better-than-average tabletop minis in the 40k community?

2) Given the decidedly non-fantasy feel of the game, how does one base a chaos space marine?

3) Are there any indicators on this guy as to "Chapter", and what are his weapons? Most I see now come with 2 handed bolters, but he and his companion came with 2 small guns instead.


attachicon.gif2013-06-17 01.44.21.jpg attachicon.gif2013-06-17 01.43.33.jpg

I'll take a swing at this one.

1) If all you do is put primer on them, that'll be better than half of the armies I've played against. Sorry, that's not helpful, however true it may be. Seriously, though it depends on a couple things. How many are you doing for your friend? Is there money involved?(You don't need to answer these, the point I'm trying to make is how much effort is your friend expecting?) GW standard for being 'tabletop' is 3 colors and basing. Durin, the dwarven pathfinder from a few posts back is excellent. How long did it take you to do him? That's about the level of effort that a lot of 40kers put into their character models, the rank and file grunts are usually much less than that. Base colors, a quick highlight, and done on to the next one.

2) Ask your friend if he has any ideas/wants for his basing, otherwise, the sky's the limit. Woodland, grassland,cityscape, volcanic waste, desert whatever you want to do, really. There's a lot of planets out there. Of course, everyone has to have the same type, they are all operating together, after all.

3)That figure is just a 'generic' chaos space marine with no particular chapter/legion affiliation. The chapter/legion affiliation is generally always dictated by the paintjob and heraldry. There are 9 'official' Chaos Space Marine legions with established colors and heraldry. Your friend should be able to provide pictures of which ever one he wants. The other option is make a 'do it yourself' band of baddies, in which case the color scheme is whatever you want it to be. Another poster addressed the weapon situation, go with his/her advice.


I hope that helps you out. If there's anything else I might be able to help with, please let me know.

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Great worm, and great job extending his built in base to good effect. You achieved much better contrast on him than I did; it makes such a big difference.

Very much appreciated! The base was tricky, getting my real rocks to blend in well with the moulded base, but I thought it worked out ok!

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Bones Werewolf! Skin tones inspired by the film version of Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. I always thought that was a clever palette for a werewolf, but I wanted to punch up the contrast with darker fur.


Skin is P3 Hammefall Khaki, Menoth base, Menoth highlight

Fur is RMS walnut, RMS blackened brown, RMS intense brown, AP fur brown, RMS tanned flesh

eyes are P3 Frostbite and VMC steel blue.



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Is there a story behind the bricks on the ground?

Not particularly! It was an effect I wanted to try, and werewolves have always felt like an urban monster, so grass or trees felt a bit off.



I thought maybe he'd finally managed to blow that brick house down.

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