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I am looking for the picture of 01424 Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero by Jason Wiebe. If I search through the forums to 2011's 12 Days of Christmas promotion, I can click on the link and see the picture. However, searching for 01424, echidnox, hedgehog, wiebe, etc., will not bring up the picture. Is this a function of the P-65 being cancelled and all the parts and pieces being removed from the search feature?


I was just wondering, as the database could list it as no longer for sale, but still allow folks to see the wonderful sculps by others.

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Echidnox was not made under the P-65 banner, and wouldn't be affected. However, like all of the Legion of Justice and Caeke, it was a limited edition figure, and thus wouldn't show up under currently released products, which is the segment of the database the search engine defaults to.

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Shows up in the figure finder but not in the store, which is probably intended behavior.



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ugh, learn something new every day! I didn't realize the figure finder was different from just typing in the part number or search criteria from the main page... maybe a line of text needs to be added to the regular search area that indicates that only currently available models are displayed?

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