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It is time for me to do some workbenching as well. Won't post all I am working on, but I'll try to keep it lively. Here we go.


I am working through painting 30 dragonforge bases for what I call my 'cult'. I got some minis coming in from several places to create a 'cult' and they will be based on these. I have about 10 done now I do believe.



I am also painting up this serpentfolk evoker from the reaper pathfinder line. I am running Serpent's Skull, so I can't not really. :) That said, I didn't like the paintscheme so I am mixing it up with him.



I also run Skull and Shackles and got all the reaper minis from that in recently so here is a WIP on Elizabeth 'Inkskin' Locke. The color of the 'blue' is really more teal, but it is a quick picture.



Last thing I am currently working on is a Reaper spider (the one also in bones, but I got the metal one). I could use some really good paintscheme ideas that match with the base I just painted for him.


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Some fun campaigns there, we just finished the written Skull & Shackles a bit ago, so my players are waiting for me to flush out a 16th - 20th adventure to top it off. Great starts on the minis!


For the spider, an ochre or reddish brown would go well with that basing, drawing out the nice greens you have. Fortunately, spiders in nature come in pretty much any colour you can think of. To go a little more off-the-wall, there are some nice photos out there of blue spiders, though that tends to come across as more of an ice/water/arctic theme. Or, really push yourself and see if you can do a nice black.

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My players have just left Rickety's Squibs in book 2 and are picking up crew. In that book Locke shows up, but not for a while yet (we play every 2 weeks for 4 hours). So I got a bit. I also have Kardak Bonefist as a WIP. Got a good friend of mine to gueststar as him when they meet him in book 3. What have your experiences been with the campaign as written? We have not had naval combat yet, but it seems overly complicated.


As for the spider... I considered black with red stripes, but I got scared. :P


Could go for something like this for brown



Then again if I go for black I could go for this, but I don't know if it would fit the base very well. I also have a few more spiders that I might want to match the scheme on.



I don't trust my black painting skills yet!

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S&S was one of the more fun Pathfinder APs we've done to date, and we've only missed two, maybe three. My weekly group is a bunch of goofs, so we tend to have fun with pretty much anything, but they really took to the whole swashbuckler thing. As per usual, we were off track from the actual AP by about an hour into the first session, but I was able to pull in most of the encounters in one form or another. Even managed to get them doing some actual roleplaying, which is unusual.


Some of the more fun parts:

- players adopted a hammerhead shark on the first night, "Bobo the Crosseyed Hammerhead", who eventually became not only their mascot, but actually ended up with a higher rep score than the party...

- the island in part 4 (I think) , especially the feast at the end, was fun

- If you ran Kingmaker (best AP to date!), the main city that you build in that was supposed to be close by, so I brought in a whole section on them establishing "diplomatic relations" with their old PCs for help in the final battle, fun tie in

- the race in part 3 (I think) was a nice diversion, and they had a lot of fun with that

- I ran a side adventure based on Shadows over Innsmouth that worked in really, really well


Some of the things we had to work around:

- Lots and lots and lots of roleplaying encounters, which my players aren't as keen on

- There's a tangential thread with the followers of Norberger (or something similarly silly), that really doesn't go anywhere

- Like 99.9% of adventures, regardless of system, the PCs killed off the biggest, nasty, horrible bad guy in 2 rounds.


The naval battle system worked great, especially when it comes to the fleet battles towards the end. They're pretty simple to run, move quick, and add a fair amount of drama. Especially at the end.


End threadjack, my apologies... :lol:


Good choices on the spiders, they're suitably creepy. ::D: Brown with black stripes on the legs would be interesting, I'd just wonder if it wouldn't blend in with the base too much. Then again, having it blend in with the base would suggest natural camo, which could be cool in its own right...


And don't worry about painting any particular colour. Some can be tough, sure, but you've got to start somewhere. I'd wager that you'll find that, while it may not come out exactly like you wanted, it'll still come out better than you think.


To get you started, here's one approach to the black from that second spider there. Disclaimer: this is just how I approach it, there's many, many other ways that could work better for you.


Since black is pretty much painting shadow and working up highlights, let's approach it like that. To get a sense of what highlights to work up, we can take the image and load it into GIMP (free image processing software, if you're not familiar, see www.gimp.org), then zoom way in.


GIMP has a nifty Colour Picker tool, use that to select various pieces of the image, then double click on the selected colour in the Toolbox. That brings up a nice dialog that shows you some of the component colours that you can use to make the given colour.


For example, when I zoom in by the head, at the junction of the head and the lower, front two legs, the nifty highlight there starts with a deep teal-grey colour (note, colours are not exact, they'll vary based on your monitor, but this should give you an idea):


(note2: just for fun, ran each colour through the Power Palette tool to see what it has to say, not sure about matches there, but I tend to like it):

Highlight 1: Grey Liner post-8393-0-08779000-1366297272.jpg


Working up to a lighter blue-grey:

Highlight 2: Dark Elf Highlight post-8393-0-25928800-1366297393.jpg


Then a still lighter blue-grey:

Highlight 3: Rainy Grey post-8393-0-46526400-1366297440.jpg


With a final very light blue-grey:

Highlight 4: Misty Grey post-8393-0-53180300-1366297492.jpg


So, if you start with a deep blue/black like P3's Coal Black or a more purple black like RMS Purple, you've got a good base for the blue/grey colour scheme, and you can work up using various greys to get a nice highlight. Coat the black with a gloss coat to give it that "ick" factor, and you're done!


Wow, that was seriously longer than I intended...TL;DR

Edited by klyons99
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how about this wolf spider:


He's got a pattern and some nice earthy colors. You could increase the red in his legs to make it a bit brighter. Nice work on that base! Did you sculpt the leaves?

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@Klyons99: My players love themselves some good roleplay. Right now they are in Crown's End on shore leave picking up more crew and boasting of their exploits. :)


I am well aware with GIMP. I am a fulltime webdeveloper and it sort of comes with the territory at times. I must say I am now tempted to paint this one black with red. :)


@Corporea: Oohh I like that one as well!


I have two pair of spiders from reaper. These and these. I am tempted to try black on one pair and brown on the other pair. I think the black would be easier to work on the more 'textured' spiders (the ones that are also available in bones) and then I can use the other spiders as some nice freehanding test as well with the brown.


Thanks for the advice peeps! :)

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Btw the trick with tattoos is to add a little touch of your flesh midtone to the colour you are using for your ink. Just enough to shift the colour a little bit not change it significantly.

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You can complain all you want about your freehand, looks great to me. I'm probably biased from seeing the pic so much, but I can immediately tell that's supposed to be the map on her back.


Another thing that can help with tattoos (OC's got it right), is to go back over top of them a few times with a very thin glaze of your base skin tone to wash out the "ink" a bit, supposed to make it look a bit more natural. Honestly, I'm not sure you'd need to bother if you follow OC's advice, however.

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@Klyons99: Well thanks :) I did get some glazes recently... hmmm.


So this week has been... all over the place. I severely lost focus. I touched on dungeon terrain (an altar, 10 pillars), my new cult from otherworld miniatues (12 cultists), 2 bowshabti (games workshop because I played warhammer)... Basically I lost focus! BAD ME!


This is the workbench at the moment. The cult has priority due to the PCs meeting them tuesday (though I won't finish em, I hope to have all robes done and cultists in their bases).



Here is a cultist closeup (robe needs highlighting, only skin is finished)



And I painted up this altar from zero



So... maybe I have a focus problem... so what!?


*paints some more*

Edited by Maglok
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I managed to keep my focus on the cult. They are neccesary to get done asap. I had a session last night and they did not meet the cult yet, but only barely.


So my goal is to finish 12 cultists in the coming two weeks.


Stuff I did to them since last time:

  • Paint all the footgear (shoes and sandals)
  • Paint all the skin (dark skin color, wash, dark skin highlight, light skin highlight)
  • Basecoat the cowls, but only roughly I need to go over all 12 with a small brush. Might be able to do that on friday.

After that it is more wash time and then highlight the robes and cowls. Once all of that is done, most of the work is over already.


Here is a few closeups of four of them (I am not posting 12 all the time, too much work!)





Now I do have a question to ya all. This cult is 12 people big so far. It is also lacking in the more armored characters (one of them has a shield, thats it) and I have a lot of fully painted bases left. I have left after the 12: 2 60mm, 10 40mm, 8 25mm. I would love to expand my cult a bit with some 'animals', more armored cultist types and appropriate monsters. Does anyone have some suggestions? I am going to try to get some nice large (40mm) snakes for sure, it fits the theme very well.

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Really liking those cultists, they'll be great on the table!


This is for the cult of the god of secrecy (Norgorber, or some such), if I recall correctly? He's got Charm, Death, Evil, Knowledge, and Trickery as domains, focus on Greed, Secrets, Poison, and Murder. So any range of undead animals (undead dogs?) could fit. Some airborne foes like bats might also be fun, they tend to fit into the scheme. With Poison in there, any number of spiders should fit pretty well, too.


I went with a more demon-oriented theme for these guys, playing up the stereotype, but I like your idea better. ::D:


As for armored cultists, here are some suggestions from the Reaper store for plate wearers. A straight cleric or two might round things out nicely as well.

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Yeah my cult is more of a venom theme then a demon theme (I got demons to paint after this cult and some of the pirates).


I like the links. I think I am mainly looking for minis that have a little more then just the cloak that I could make the cultist-green kind of colour.


No progress on the cultists today, hopefully tomorrow (friday)! :D

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