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Ride from Hilton tomorrow?


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First class tomorrow is Noon. My understanding is the Con starts 1 hour before the first class, so 11:00 AM. According the following post, the shuttle is going to run continuously from 8AM-10AM, and then every two hours:




So if I get to the Hilton at 11:00, there won't be a shuttle until Noon... which is when my class starts. I'll still have to catch the shuttle and go through registration. Obviously I can just drive straight to Reaper, but that is not recommended as parking is very limited. Also, I'll be coming by myself in a 2-seater, which is doubly costly of that parking space... assuming there will even be one for me.


Which, finally, brings me to the question: Is there anyone leaving the Hilton around 11:00AM that I can get a ride with? Alternately, is there anyone at the Hilton who like a ride so they don't have to stand around Reaper waiting for registration to open. Might give you a little more sleep, and we take a parking stop (assuming one is still available) for two attendees rather than just one?


Coming earlier just isn't an option due to my baby sitter arrangements.


Yep, this last minute. Yep, it's a long shot. Just figured I try. See you folks tomorrow!

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