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Reports from Reaper Con 2013 an Adrift Production


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Well the Meet and Greet was tonight. As we entered the front doors; the entry way is looking like the entrance of a county fair. Lady Storm greets us and flags us through, asking if we are there for the Meet and Greet. Nodding our ascent we walk into the back, Nirvana. We strolled around gaping in slacked jawed wonderment.


I notice a famillar face and say Hello to Adrift. Wandering around while wood fired brick oven pizza are being rolled in. Eventually I wind up in a conversation with Shakandara, Adrift, Haldir, and my father-in-law. It's my first time here and it is like coming home. I look forward to what the rest of tne Con brings. It can only get better I am sure.


Look for further posts and updates from Adrift and myself. Plus anyone else attending please post as well.

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I'm so jealous! Sadly, there is NO WAY that travel to Texas will ever be affordable enough for me to make the trek from western Canada.


Keep this up! It's nice to hear about folks' experiences with something like this.

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Haha, you beat me to it! I was hanging out with dispatchdave and his wife back here at the hotel; I'm always up for socializing.


Among the highlights, in addition to what Brad mentioned, I got Derek Schubert's autograph in my brand new copy of Casket Works featuring the Carnival Sophie on the cover; it was awesome to meet him, and I'm looking forward to rubbing elbows with many other talented artists I look up to.


I talked with Patrick Keith briefly about when his Bombshells would be for sale on his website. He stated SOON™.


Among the Reaper staff I met Bryan, Adriane and Kit...all of whom were really nice. In passing I heard Bryan mention that he generally only remembers people after their 3rd or 4th time at the con, so that'll be a personal goal in years to come.


I took a picture of a wall of Reaper Propaints, and will have to post it to taunt buglips.


Really looking forward to tomorrows swag, some painting and more socializing. Tomorrow I'll also be picking up what I can of my KS stuff and will be posting updates as I find time.


It's really hard to believe that anyone actually get any work done around this place. It is quite amazing and a lot of fun.

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So far, so good.


I rolled by Reaper early yesterday (we arrived earlier than expected and couldn't check in to the hotel yet),and man, they were busy with the set up. I kind of felt in the way (more from my observation and previous experience setting up for shows), so after checking the layout, my wife and I bailed back to the hotel (and got a call saying our room was ready, sweet timing!). After chilling at the hotel (BW) for a while, we went over to the Meet and Greet. And totally missed all those people eating in the warehouse for a good hour (I kept wondering if more than a handful of people would show up, then finally saw *everyone*). After discovering that area, my wife and I wandered around a bit and looked. We're kind of anti-social, so didn't really approach anyone (though random conversation happened, which was awesome). I did get to meet Girot (found out who he was when he recognized my forum name; he painted my last exchange mini!) as well as several other people (the only real name I can remember is Dan... which Dan? not sure, but Dan.)


I also had a nice conversation with Brian and Ron. I was gratified that Bryan recognized my forum name. I had no idea I'm awesome (/facetiousness, I totally know I'm awesome). I also enjoyed browsing the painted gallery. There are some fantastic pieces in there, and I only found three things to criticize (the best compliment I ever gave my wife's work was when I told her I could find nothing wrong; I'd be an excellent critic, IMNSHO*). Anyone know if it's kosher to take pics in the museum/display area?


Everyone told me "Don't bother taking Reaper paints, just what else you might want, Reaper will provide their own paint." so I didn't pack any. While at the Meet and Greet, I realized, I want to paint in my hotel room! One LTPK later (my wife needed more brushes anyway) and my wife and I were painting in the hotel. I will remember this next year, and at least pack a few (dozen?) paints for hotel use.


I'm looking forward to today! No classes today, so I will wander around, and maybe go do some gaming @ the Hilton. Now, time to get costumed up. I hope it looks good (my wife and her brother arranged costuming for me; I haven't tried it on yet!). Even if I don't look super-amazing-awesome (what am I saying, of course I'll look super-amazing-awesome) it'll be fun.


Also, for anyone that wants to meet myself or my wife, I am bald with a (relatively) full beard, she is the girl with pink hair (adult, I saw a child with pink hair, but that's just wrong and creepy, and you should probably be ashamed of yourself for thinking that.... :upside: ). Please come talk to us and introduce yourself; we do well with new people, but have a hard time initiating conversation.




*In My Not-So-Humble Opinion)

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