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Reports from Reaper Con 2013 an Adrift Production


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I'm glad American children don't have cute little British accents. I'd never be able to tell any of them "no." Kev and Sally White's kids raiding the cotton candy machine was just too cute for words.

And I'm supposed to be immune to cute, except when exercised by middle aged women.

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Will do! Just submitted an entry I finished here entitled, "Buglips, for milking THAT GUY"


Even when I'm not at Reapercon, somehow I'm still at Reapercon. ::P:



@Buglips, the Pro Paints up for sell are all the new ones (side label). The ones by Sonic Mike on the display board is old PP, and yes, there is one Fairy Blush there.


Alas for you. On the upside, I do have a few of the old RPP's at home. I will gladly send them to you.



EDIT: Also, Bonwirn, I spent all day today in a class or playing games, so did not dig through the boneyard. I'll take your list with me tomorrow. I did end up getting a new CAV mech for playing in the CAV:SO demo. :D




So the Sonic Mike ones aren't for sale, is that right? Because if they are . . . well, I wouldn't want to put you (or anybody else willing to be proxy) through too much trouble - but the possibility exists (depending on number) that if they were for sale I just might... y'know... want them all.


I'm critically short of OPP. I can substitute, but the chance (however remote) of the real deal is something i have to follow up on.


The reason I'm not picky about New Pro Paint is that I never got a chance to get any of them except the white primer, so there's nothing to miss - and most of those colours became available between MSP HD and the core line anyway.


But Old Pro Paints and Parthas I have in numbers, dwindling numbers, so I'm always on the lookout for those as replacements. My eternal gratitude and thanks for checking it out.

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I sat in for most of the Kickstarter discussion. It was about 30% complaining about the kickstarter website, 60% 'how you should run your kickstarter', and maybe 10% entertaining stories about kickstarter stuff, from both the Reaper Kickstarter, as well as the Bombshell babes, Artisan Dice, and a couple of other kickstarter alumni whose products I never quite figured out. So super-useful if you wanted to know how to do kickstarter right. Maybe less entertaining for the rest of us.


Some highlights I took away.


1) There will be another kickstarter at some point from reaper, though I certainly wouldn't expect it anytime soon.

2) Plan out your *entire* kickstarter. The reaper folks had the whole thing figured out all the way up to numbers much higher than what they got. They knew what was going to happen at what dollar values and, other than some late-game changes which were probably a bad idea, they knew all the stretch goals before the kickstarter even went up.

3) There was *one* stretch goal that didn't get reached. Only one. Reaper Brian didn't say was it was, but he did mention the word 'Big'. It'll probably get used in the next kickstarter.

4) If the kickstarter would have gone up to $10 million, they would have ended up $4 million in the whole. The vampire boxes would have gotten more and more expensive to produce, and eventually the profit would have just disappeared.

5) Since Brian was evil and added a paypal button to the pledge manager, and allowed people to give them more money, the final tally was actually closer to $4.3 million taken in from people just wanting more stuff. Clever.

6) When printed out, the picture of the vampire pledge is about 4 feet tall.

7) Brian also had a couple of panicked calls to the Reaper accountants at 3 in the morning because he thought he had just realized he was half a million in the hole. Turns out he had subtracted some numbers twice, and all was well. Brian is not good at math at 3 in the morning.


If anyone has any good stories they remember, feel free to throw them up here. (I'm going to go post this down in the kickstarter forum, too)


-npreecs (Soon to be known as GuyWithCoolBackpack)

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LOL, I love the youth entry (Death Ranger) and infant entry (Baby's First Mini).


Man, these miniatures are really amazing and a lot of them, I can picture coming to life. Man...I hope my skill level can reach half of some of these.


Loving the dioramas.


--- edit ---


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Man, I'm drooling over the brushwork on Martin Jones' giants...can't wait to get my Bones to try my hand at those. Doug Cohen's royal archer is also incredibly well done. Great soft shading and vibrant colour. I would love to see these in person.

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