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Itar's Workshop - Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter

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Yet another stretch goal met! And we got free tiles yeoow! I'm really looking forward to painting these up, I might get a extra room set and paint it different to maybe look like inside of a inn/house

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If my math proves correct, Accessory Set #1 is $26 worth of pieces and Accessory Set #2 is $25 worth of pieces. Also, if you select both, you get about 2/3 of the currently offered accessories. It will take another $46 to round out all of the accessories, including the Bedroom Set that will be hit soon (some of them are bigger and therefore more pricey).

So, can someone double check that $96 is the right total?

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It was more confusion about which things are in the sets. I think I have it right and double checked with the calculator, but I feel that clearly defining what comes in each with a picture (and also pointing out what doesn't) would be helpful to growing this campaign further.

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I am now torn on what to get. I love the idea of getting all the accessories, but now I am thinking that I can switch out 1/3 or so for some terrain. I am so torn!

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i drew up the pieces in Sketchup to play with and then i made some screenshots of the pieces you get in the basic, deluxe, intermediate, and ultimate dungeon sets to help people see what they're getting since the pictures of the actual items are a bit off. i've also included the current stretch goal pieces so you can see the whole set in it's current state. at the $28,000 mark, Itar is doubling the corner walls and doorways for each set \m/


i'm fairly certain that they're accurate (piece count), but i'm only human. if anyone wants the Sketchup files to play with, just let me know :)

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Kling, would u know the answer to this?


Is the top of the stairs the same height as the bar tables or two stacked on another ?


Thinking of the possibility of having a raised level

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